Theme: Promise and Praise!

IDOP is a global collaboration focused on coordinated events of prayer every November. SOM International invites you to join us in personal prayer and possibly coordinate a “21 Days of Prayer” focus in your network.

Feel free to print and distribute this prayer guide. You can download it for free at RIGHT HERE.

Believing God’s promises, we start with praise in solidarity with our global persecuted family! As Israel faced destruction from their enemies, the prophet challenged them to believe God and His promises, and instructed them to send musicians ahead of the army, singing “Give thanks to the Lord! His loving kindness endures forever!” The moment they began singing . . . God routed the enemy. 2 Chronicles 20:21-22

Praise God!

Day 1 PRAISE GOD Creator and Father of Lights

As God spoke to create light, we are called to speak. Praise God for His Light, the Spirit of Christ, to empower His people to preach the gospel. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.
Genesis 1:1
For God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. 2 Corinthians 4:6

Day 2 PRAISE GOD All the Families of the Earth will be Blessed

As Abraham was called to go, God’s church is called to obedience. Praise God for His missionary heart and His invitation to go, to send, to pray, to give, to witness, and to advocate.
The Scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the Gentiles by faith, preached the gospel beforehand to Abraham, saying, “In you shall all the nations be blessed.” Galatians 4:6

Day 3 PRAISE GOD Jesus Builds His Church

As Jesus is the builder of the house, we praise God that we stand on the authority of Christ as His witnesses to build God’s house, to the praise of God the Father.
But Christ is faithful as the Son over God’s house. And we are His house . . .Hebrews 3:6

Prayer Focus on India

Eight years ago, the Holy Spirit guided an indigent missionary in India to find someone on Skype to pray with him to start missionary schools. The missionary typed “Christian Skype Chat” in the search box and pulled up a prayer warrior in Arizona, connecting God’s vision in a missionary’s heart with God’s mission at SOM International. Today, there are 3,849 trained church planters. 1,214 widows/single mothers have been equipped through the sewing centers with biblical training to reach India for Christ.

Day 4 Open Doors for the Gospel

Of the 6,000 unreached people groups in the world, 42% are in India. Pray for God to open doors for the gospel for the one billion people of India without access to the good news of Jesus.

Day 5 Christian Women

Christian women are especially vulnerable to experience persecution in India in forms of violence, shame, and isolation. Pray for the love of Christ to fill our sisters with faith, courage, and a verbal witness of Christ. Pray for the community of support for these women to grow.

Day 6 Village House Churches

Several years ago, a young convert began passionately sharing Christ with people in a nearby village. Without training, the battle for souls spiritually overwhelmed him. He began to resent the very people that he was sent to love. Through a vision, he realized that his closed, angry heart prevented the power of God from working through him. Today, with training and the love of God, this man has planted eight house churches in nearby villages. Pray for workers to look to Christ for that deep abiding from which love and the light of the gospel flows.

Day 7 Bicycles, Bibles, Sewing Machines, and Sponsorships

Years ago, church planters routinely walked five hours one way to share the gospel in remote villages. Today, partners in the USA provide bicycles and other resources for our brothers and sisters. Pray for provision to provide more of these essential tools: bicycles, Bibles, sewing machines, and school sponsorship.

Day 8 Unreached Hindus

Every few years, over 100 million Hindus congregate in India at the Ganges, Shipra, and Godavari Rivers to dip in the polluted water. The reason – To cleanse their sin. Join our brothers and sisters in India to strategically pray that God would show a way to reach large gatherings with the truth of Christ.

Day 9 Personal Relationships

The work in India is based upon close friendships; God has chosen to work through personal relationships within the global body of Christ. Pray for someone you know to join the battle to serve the Church at Risk.

Prayer Focus: Muslim World

Over a decade ago, SOM International CEO David Witt met a young Muslim background believer (MBB) in North Africa. This MBB shared his trials of misunderstanding and lack of resources. After an evening of listening, David answered, “How can we serve you?” Today, this visionary young leader in Northwest Africa is being used by God to unite and mobilize leaders in eight nations and multiply unreached tribes to bring the gospel to their people. All of SOM International’s leaders have similar stories demonstrating the power of God in our world to network and strengthen leaders.

Day 10 Workers

The vast majority of the 1.8 billion Muslims in the world have no access to the gospel in their heart language. Pray for God to send workers into the harvest fields of the Muslim world.

Day 11 Church Planting Schools

We celebrate the expanding church planter schools in Northwest Africa graduating multi-national and multi-tribal classes this year. Committed indigenous leaders are already praying to expand the number of schools four-fold. Pray for USA partners to adopt these schools in the bond of faith.

Day 12 Truth Encounters

It has been said that a Muslim person must have three encounters to embrace Christ: a love encounter, a truth encounter, and a power encounter. The love encounter is when a Muslim person is touched by the love of Christ through a believer. A truth encounter is when a believer shares the gospel. A power encounter is a confrontation with the power of the one true God by healing, dreams, or visions. Pray for Muslim people to encounter God’s love, truth, and power.

Day 13 Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, we see believers risking everything to provide love, care, and the gospel to tribal children in remote villages. Pray for provision to expand the work among unreached tribal people in Bangladesh.

Day 14 Muslim Outreach

SOM-Bangladesh workers passed out more than 100,000 tracts at one of the largest Muslim festivals in the world. Pray for lasting fruit from this incredible act of courage and faith

Day 15 Relationships with Leaders

Pray for God to forge mutually sacrificial relationships between Muslim world leaders and Church partners in the USA. May we be ready to advocate, encourage, pray, and give sacrificially for our global family.

Prayer Focus: Latin America

Years ago, communist guerillas in Colombia kidnapped a young missionary. The young missionary began building relationships and sharing the gospel with his captors. Thirty years later, those relationships were the foundation upon which God built a peace accord and the salvation of a nation. (Civil war ended in Colombia in 2017) Today, that blessing is transcending borders in Latin America to take the gospel to desperate and spiritually hungry people.

Day 16 Bibles to Venezuela

Workers are crossing borders and fording rivers to take Bibles to suffering people in Venezuela. Just as Bibles know no borders, pray the gospel would penetrate jungles isolated by distance and disease, and cities inoculated by false religion and despair.

Day 17 Christian Radio Broadcasting

This past year, heavily armed thieves destroyed one of the largest radio towers in Colombia with gospel programming. Pray for protection for the courageous tribal Christians who moved on the property to protect it and the gospel message.

Day 18 Wisdom and Strategy

In Colombia and Venezuela, unreached people living in dangerous places are eager to hear the gospel. Pray for wisdom to strategically choose the times and places for Bible distribution, and for God to blind the eyes of the enemy. Join us in praying for the provision of 2 million Bibles printed and distributed in Venezuela.

Day 19 Persons of Peace

Fourteen million indigenous people, speaking 59 different languages (other than Spanish), live in the mountains of Mexico. Pray for God to rise up Persons of Peace from among the native people to bring forth the gospel message and make disciples.

Day 20 Ability to Mobilize

Hostile fire, sabotage, and theft endanger the vehicles and aircraft transporting gospel workers, supplies, and Bibles in Latin America. Pray for sacrificial giving to mobilize effective tools for the workers in remote areas.

Day 21 Ability to Transport Freight

Praise God that SOM-Mexico workers fly ultra-light aircraft to remote mountain areas to supply practical needs, medical help, and the Word of God. Pray for God to reveal a way to transport freight – essential heavy supplies – into these remote areas, and the provision to fund it.

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