Algerian Freedom (July 5 to August 26, 2011)

Dear Prayer Warrior ,

In an effort to help an estimated 100,000 Algerian persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ, we are asking you to join us in a campaign to pray and speak up. We believe as we serve the Algerian Christian minority we serve all Algerians; if one does not have freedom then none have true freedom. This past May, Algerian Government officials in the Bejaia province called for the closure of all Christian protestant churches. Despite this threat, Christians continue to meet. These churches could be forcibly closed at any moment. The officials are executing an unjust law passed in 2006 – Ordinance 06-03 which discriminates against all Algerian non-Muslims and oppresses freedom of religion, speech and assembly. The Algerian law is intended to prevent non-Muslims from “shaking the faith of Muslims.”

Pastor Krimo, with wife and baby

On May 25th 2011 Pastor Siaghi Krimo  was found guilty and jailed for sharing a CD about Christianity with a Muslim neighbor. The prosecutor of this case requested that his punishment for this act would be two years in prison with a bail of approximately $690 USD. However, when the judge heard of our brothers “crime”(Sharing His Christian faith with a Muslim) he added another three years to his punishment and raised the bail to approximately $2760 USD.  One Algerian Pastor told Spirit of Martyrdom ministries in response to these actions by the Algerian government,“We will never be silenced, and we will proclaim our existence as Christian believers.” 

We all know that we are blessed to be a part of a nation that allows religious freedom, freedom of speech, freedom to assemble to worship our Lord anytime and anywhere. Our hope is that we use our freedom for the good of others.  Algerian Christians are mostly Muslim background believers who have found faith in Jesus Christ in the past 20 years.  We invite you to reflect on their lives, pray and take action. How would you respond to these human right abuses and persecution? The Word of God calls us to fellowship with them in their suffering. (Philippians 3:10)

Friends, we have great news here. God is using His humble Algerian servants to do His work and the actions of the Algerian government have created enough of a stir to raise the attention of people worldwide. Please PRAY with us that this news spurs people everywhere to give God full glory and grant mercy to all the Algerian people and their government.

Spirit of Martyrdom will be conducting a 40 day work week (Monday-Friday)campaign in hope to bring attention and prayers for the freedom of the Algerian people. We will begin our campaign the week of our Independence Day on July 5 with an e-mail of prayer and action. Each week we will send one e-mail letter and conclude our campaign on the week of August 22. Our goal is to take a few minutes each week over the 8 week period to pray for Algeria, contact civil leaders and bring enough concern to the media and Church to make this a Christ honored witness for all Algerians. We hope this campaign will be a good education and bring you empathy for Christian Algerians.
What we ask from you at this point is to take time to pray for the people and their government and recruit others. Pray for Pastor Krimo for Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia and President Abdelaziz Bouteflika.  If you also feel burdened by this issue and a desire to help then you can forward this letter to friends.   Sign up for our weekly updates at and begin to tell other organizations, churches and friends about this campaign. If you have Facebook make sure you befriend us. I will be updating the Spirit of Martyrdom webpage and our Facebook page with information about what is going on and what we can do to help. We thank you for your prayers and concern. This wouldn’t be possible were it not for your giving spirit and desire to reach out to other Christians; God Bless!

Travis F.

Spirit of Martyrdom Representative