The root cause of the suppression of freedom in Algeria is fundamental Islam. The Qur’an demands Muslim superiority. Surah 3:110 states that Muslims are superior over all other people. Surah 8:55 states that non-Muslims are worse than unclean animals (dogs and pigs). Therefore, freedom for all citizens in an Islamic state (Sharia law) is not possible. Algeria legally is a democracy and their constitution states the guarantee of a “free people.” Fundamental Islam is a rub against the Judeo-Christian values of democracy.  99 percent of Algerians are Muslim. The majority of these Muslims are secular or cultural. For these Muslims Islam is their identity and heritage, but not a strict moral code. Most cultural Muslims do not wear the head covering or religious clothes, they do not pray every day, go to the mosque on Fridays etc. Fundamental Islam in the past 30 years has experience global revival and Algeria is a classic representation. The well – funded and very organized fundamental Muslims are a minority and they are pressing for Sharia law in civil governance.

     Like oil and water, is a Judeo-Christian democracy mixed with elements of Islamic Sharia law. Islam is the official religion of Algeria. The Algerian government owns all the mosques of Algeria and funds Muslim Imams (Religious leaders). During the early 1990s, a revival broke out in Algeria and many Muslims converted to Christianity. This growth has led to an estimated 100,000 Muslim background Christians. These Christians have built churches. Most of the churches have not been able to officially register their buildings. Why? Fundamental Muslims  oppose  a Christian witness in Algeria. The fundamental Muslims reacted to the growth of Christianity by helping Ordinance 06-03 pass in 2006 which restricts any kind of evangelism. This past May, government officials in the Bejaia District of Algeria demanded that all Christian churches close and quoted Ordinance 06-03 and non-registration of church building as their justification. The Christians have continued to meet while under the threat of closure.

     If you were an Algerian Christian how would you respond to fundamental Muslims oppressing your rights as an Algerian citizen? Jesus gives us the answer in Matthew 5:44: “But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” Please use BLOG area below to share more of your thoughts and ideas. Tell us how you are praying and serving in this Algerian Campaign.

 David Witt                                                                                                                


Monday: Pray for the boldness and wisdom of the Algerian Christians as they must confront fundamental Islam.

Tuesday: Pray that the spiritual eyes of fundamental Muslims are opened to see that they are being used as tools of darkness to suppress the freedom of fellow Algerians. Pray that they find a Bible and are not afraid to read it.

Wednesday: Pray for the Algerian Government officials to have wisdom and resist Sharia law and pass laws that protect all.

Thursday: Pray for Spirit of Martyrdom ministries that we serve the living martyrs of Christ in Algeria with Spiritual encouragement and love.

Friday and this weekend: Pray for Christians in America to wake up and grow in prayer, compassion and understanding of the persecuted Christians in Algeria.

 Week Verse: John 8:36 So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.


 Take a few minutes to contact the Algerian Ambassador Mr. Abdallah Baali. Remember that Christ calls us to bless all people and honor those in authority.

 Feel free to copy and paste this letter:

 Dear Ambassador Abdallah Baali,

                Thank you for your diplomacy in the United States and your service to the Algerian people. God has given me a love for the Algerian people and I pray for God to bless Algeria. This is why I am contacting you. I am concerned about the influence of Algerian fundamental Muslims. They have pressured the government in the passage of unjust and oppressive laws. According to your Constitution, the Algerian people have fundamental rights and freedom.. However,  Ordinance 06-03 continues to be used to discriminate against the growing Christian minority in Algeria. Pastor Siaghi Krimo on May 28th was sentence to 5 years in prison and $2,760,USD for simply giving a Christian CD away to his Muslim neighbor. Can you imagine a Muslim Imam giving a CD to a Christian neighbor in America and then being arrested and sentenced to five years in prison? Please pass our concerns on to your government asking that everything will be done to abolish the laws of Ordinance 06-07 and that the fine and prison sentence against Pastor Siaghi Krimo will be dropped. Please ask other Muslims to join with you in standing against the growing cancer of fundamental Muslims who are suppressing freedom.

Respectfully Yours,



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