Algerian Freedom
Week Five of Eight–Prayer and Action

Each week of this campaign our goal is to provide knowledge and awareness of what is taking place regarding persecution of Christians in Algeria. Pastor Siaghi Krimo is an example of the abuse of freedom that Ordinance 06-03 enforces. (Read week 3 for more information.) He was arrested for sharing his faith with a Muslim neighbor and now he and his family are facing persecution.


Siaghi is married with a one year old baby. Siaghi was arrested April 14, 2011 for offering his Muslim neighbor a Christian CD. Siaghi was tried in court on May 4, 2011 and his prosecutor asked that Siaghi spend two years in prison with a bail of 50,000 dinars ($690) . The two year sentence the prosecutor asked for is the minimum sentence for anyone who “insults” Muhammad according to Article 144 of the Algerian Penal Code.


May 28, 2011 the trial concluded and the judge increased the fine to 200,000 dinars ($2,760) and five years in prison. Pastor Siaghi Krimo’s lawyer immediately appealed the case. We have encouraging news that the higher court judge ruled Siaghi to be free until the appeal trial is complete. While it is good news that Siaghi gets to spend more time with his family, this freedom is not without concern. Siaghi received a threatening anonymous call that “he will pay the price for his actions.” His Church congregation is concerned for his life, so they encouraged him to move to a safer location. (Spirit of Martyrdom ministries– with the help of your donations is helping pay for one year’s rent in a more secure location.) You can imagine the spiritual battle that the Krimo family faces. His wife must deal with the fear that her husband may go to prison, may be killed by Muslim fundamentalists, and the concern and care for their one year old baby.


Pastor Krimo is now unemployed and has to deal with the increased expenses from legal to living expenses as well as adjusting to a new unfamiliar living environment. Yet with all these challenges, Pastor Krimo and his wife live by faith and declare that they will continue to witness for Christ. He desires to be bold! Siaghi understands that they persecute him because of Christ. He is honored to bear the name of Christ.


This week, we ask you to write a letter of encouragement and pray for Pastor Siaghi Krimo and his family. He is a living martyr who needs the help of our Lord Jesus Christ. Christ commands us in scripture to encourage him and suffer with him. Below is a list that may help Pastor Siaghi in spiritual and physical ways. Thank you all so much for the many ways that you are giving in this campaign. God is truly moving in this and it is our humble honor that we can be involved to make a difference. Always feel free to write with questions and concerns. God bless.


Travis F.

This is a wonderful opportunity for Christians to pray and fast for Muslims to find salvation in Jesus Christ and specifically for ex-Muslims in Algeria who suffer the persecution for their Christian faith like Pastor Krimo (see for more info.) gives resources that you can download for daily prayers for the Muslim world.

David Witt



Monday: Pray for the protection of the Krimo family. Pray for peace and even joy as they walk through this trial.


Tuesday: Pray for Algerians to speak up for the injustice and oppression of the freedom of speech against Pastor Krimo and the Christian minority.


Wednesday: Pray for Imams and the spiritual leaders of Algeria that God open their eyes and that the Holy Spirit give clear thinking and a hunger and thirst for righteousness.


Thursday: Pray for Spirit of Martyrdom ministries that we serve Pastor Krimo and his family with spiritual encouragement and love.


Friday and this weekend: Pray for Christians in America to increase in prayer for the Siaghi Krimo and those like him.


Week Verse: John 15:20 Remember the word that I said to you: ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you. If they kept my word, they will also keep yours.


  1. Write a love letter of encouragement to Pastor Siaghi Krimo and his wife. Please use the “Leave a Comment” section below. We will make sure these notes of encouragement get to Pastor Krimo. We believe your notes will also be a witness to others.

  2. Donate to Spirit of Martyrdom ministries to help us serve Pastor Krimo’s family and the needs of the Christian minority.