April – Fearless Faith in Algeria

Saighi Krimo is sentenced to five years in prison for boldly sharing his faith in Algeria. He has spent only three days in jail, since the government has not enforced him to serve his sentence due to public pressure.  Saighi continues to put his faith and trust in God’s Word as he is reminded,”if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” (John 8:36) Even if it is prison, Saighi says, “God has a plan, and I want to be faithful even unto death.”  Spirit of Martyrdom ministries are honored to serve transformed Muslim Background Believers like Siaghi and his wife Yakout who are boldly sharing God’s love and His Word to those around them.

In 2008, Siaghi and Yakout’s marriage was arranged.  Each of their Muslim parents had no idea that secretly both of their children were Christians.  The Krimo’s believe their marriage was truly “made in heaven!” God has increased their blessing with a precious daughter. However, their Christian faith comes with a price and great sacrifice.  They are shunned by their families. When first married, they were evicted from their home to live in an old henhouse for six months. Just when they felt so weary and discouraged, they were asked to serve at a Christian summer camp!  Next, they were offered to attend the only Bible school in Algeria, which they joyfully accepted.

Yakout can trace her lineage back to Mohammed.  Her parents are Marabout (religious leaders) and Hajji (fulfilled the pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia). Yakout’s parents forced her to keep Islamic religious duties. Yakout felt frustrated by the treatment of women in Islam. She always felt she was a slave to Allah so she began to hate the Allah of Islam.  At the University, she searched for the truth and was given a Christian book. At first she felt fear, and wondered why. Growing up, she heard Jesus was the Son of God, but was confused at how God could have a mother. She remembered a Christian telling her that “God can do anything.” Faith and joy flooded Yakout’s heart, as she realized this was true. Jesus was God. Yakout prayed for a godly husband and her prayers were answered.  Yakout shared, “my husband is a servant of God and he loves Jesus – that’s all I need.”

Pastor Siaghi found the peace and love of Jesus Christ about the same time as Yakout his wife in 2006. He came from a very dysfunctional family and grew up with his grandparents who were very strict. Siaghi had no peace in his life and searched for some type of refuge from the inner turmoil he was experiencing. He went to the Mosque for a season, but he felt unfulfilled and empty.  At 25 years old, Siaghi’s life was filled with problems and desperation. Out in the wilderness alone, he prayed, “God if you reveal yourself to me, I will serve you even if it’s difficult.” At that moment, Siaghi vividly remembered a man from his village 15 years before who showed the Jesus film. Saighi who was ten years old at the time, reflected that he had cried when he saw Jesus crucified, and yet Jesus was full of forgiveness.  “I was convicted that if God existed, Jesus was His prophet. That night I slept very well and in the morning my heart had peace and joy as never before.”

After the Krimo’s graduated from the Bible school, they courageously began to evangelize and share their faith with Algerians. In April 2011, Pastor Krimo was arrested for his public witness. In the police station he prayed, “God if you want me to be released then blind the police from my backpack that is full of Christian materials and DVDs. If you want me to be a bold witness to these policemen, then let them look into my backpack.” As soon as this prayer left his mind a police officer unzipped the bag and looked. Siaghi said, “God answered my prayer fast!” Pastor Krimo then gave a More Than Dreams DVD to every police officer including the Chief of Police. This DVD powerfully dramatizes eight testimonies of Muslims who dreamed of Jesus and turned their lives over to Christ. One officer requested to meet Pastor Krimo after work because he wanted to know more. Siaghi shared the Gospel twice with the Judge. The Judge then gave him five years in prison for being an apostate Muslim. Siaghi and Yahout are free today, even though the sentence has not been dropped. They are thankful that many Christians in the U.S. prayed, wrote letters (when notified of the urgent need last summer), and were a voice to the government on their behalf.  They joyfully continue to share the love of Jesus Christ to other Muslims. Siaghi and Yohout’s lives represent thousands of other Algerian followers of Christ.

In December, one week after his church was bombed, Mustapha, a pastor friend of Saighi’s shared, “because of persecution, we are less frightened.  God wants to take the fear from our hearts. God uses the persecution to make us fearless.

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