Romans 5:18  Therefore, as one trespass led to condemnation for all men, so one act of righteousness leads to justification and life for all men.

Um Nidal is a Muslim Palestinian mother and has proudly sent three sons to die as martyrs of Islam.  Um Nidal is revered for this noble accomplishment among the Muslim world.  The Palestinian media proclaimed, “Paradise is under the feet of the mothers.  Praise is due to this woman and to every Palestinian mother…”  Why?  One reason is she now finds pardon for her sins and a guaranteed entrance into heaven as recorded in the Hadith from Al Tirmidhi.  Who records that the sixth jewel upon the head of every Muslim martyr is, “He will be able to intercede for seventy of his family members (who would have otherwise gone to hell).”

A suicide martyr is called “Fida’e,” from the root Arabic word “Fidyah” (sacrificial lamb) the need for atonement from sins is a missed fundamental part of Islam.  The Holy Spirit has kept a witness of this Truth even in a false gospel like Islam.  God’s love is near to Muslims but their eyes are blind to the revelation.

Ironically, one of Muslims greatest attacks against Christianity is the atonement and justification of sins through Jesus Christ.  Muslims will say, “How can you Christians think that Jesus’ sacrifice paid for your sins?  Each person must pay for their own sins.” Muslims miss the hypocrisy of this statement within Islam.  The greatest deed of a Muslim is to die in jihad.  It has the greatest reward which includes an “atonement” for “hell bound” family members based upon the justification of the obedient Muslim martyr.  Therefore, many Muslim mothers are finding their “sacrificial lamb” in their martyred sons instead of the ultimate Sacrificial Lamb, Jesus Christ.  Unfortunately scripture is clear that Um Nidal’s son’s violent blood sacrifice is not accepted by the Holy Creator of the universe and those boys are in hell.  Um Nidal will join them if faith in Jesus Christ is not experienced soon.

God continues to send martyrs of love in place of Islamic martyrs of terror.  Chris Leggett from Tennessee was martyred June 22, 2009 in a nation considered 100 percent Muslim citizens called Mauritania, Africa.  He was murdered by fundamental Muslims for quote, “converting Muslims to Christianity.”  Most of his work was helping impoverished Muslims with technology skills.  He was in Mauritania for six years sacrificing for the good of Muslim souls.  He paid the ultimate price and his life was given as a blessing.  His blood points towards Jesus Christ, who forgives sins.

Chris Leggett’s sacrifice has paid off.  Today there are Muslims in North Africa who have found faith in Jesus Christ.  These believing Muslims are bold sacrificial witnesses of Christ.  We have reports of them being tortured, held captive, unemployed, threatened with death, displaced yet they testify of God’s miraculous intervention and provision for their needs.

Please join us in praying for Muslim background believers worldwide who have found justification for their sins in Jesus Christ.   Pray for the blind eyes of Muslims that they will see their need for a savior and how the atonement of sins from the Islamic martyrs is false.

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