January 2018 marked the 54th anniversary of the ministry of our family in Colombia.

I was eight years old at the time and can still vividly remember the night flight from Miami to Bogotá in a four-engine piston DC-6 over the moonlit Caribbean. At dawn we reached the north coast of Colombia and the vast Sierra Nevada snow-covered mountains were on our left where my father would spend the next fifty years of his life working with the Kogi Indians. My mother and sister continue his work providing education for many kids.

Since 1964, I estimate that the number of evangelical Christians in Colombia has expanded from less than one half of one percent of the population to over twenty-five percent and rising. Revival in Colombia is affecting Latin America. The Lord has granted us a role with extensive radio coverage on AM, FM, Shortwave and Internet. This past year we have also focused on getting desperately needed Bibles into poverty-stricken Venezuela and similar places. Unlike North America, Latin America has not had much exposure to the word of God. Prior to WWII almost no Bible distribution took place. We have carefully developed excellent study Bibles that we can print at a very reasonable cost.

Distributing the Full Counsel of God’s Word

There are many reasons why we prefer to use the entire Bible. All of the sixty-six inspired books that make up the Bible are there for a reason and it can be dangerous to ignore any of them. People need to be able to read and study the Genesis account and the complete story of how God has worked and interacted with mankind over the six thousand years or so since the fall. The complete Bible is necessary in order to be able to defend against cults and false doctrine. I also believe that it is very important for all of us to be aware of the testimonies of men like Noah and Abraham and Isaac and Israel and Moses and Joshua and David and so on. Those who only know the New Testament seem to have trouble understanding the prophetic importance that God has placed upon the Jews and the nation of Israel. Those who have an understanding of the Old Covenant and all the struggles related to it are in a better position to appreciate the grace of God under the New Covenant. In many poor places, children are being taught to read by using the Bible as their primer.

In the Book of Genesis, only three men are recorded as responding favorably to God in the first two thousand or so years of human history (Abel, Enoch and Noah). God’s friendship with Abraham, whose faith is held up as an example for all of us, proved to be an important turning point. Jesus Christ, the promised seed of Abraham and heir to all the promises of God, is referred to in messianic Psalms and in prophecy throughout the Old Testament. God has a lot of patience with the fallen human race and has taken many centuries to bring His great plan of redemption to fruition. Now is harvest time.



We are thrilled to report that many have come to Jesus Christ here in Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela over the past year. There are also untold tens of thousands who we are helping to spiritually nourish with literature and Bibles as we preach and teach through each chapter on the radio. Thousands of new leaders are emerging and are on their way to maturity in Christ.

Your donation right now will help us with an unprecedented distribution of Bibles in 2018 that will directly impact Venezuela and the Colombia police force.

Thank you so much for supporting and investing in this vital ministry over the years.