Spirit of Martyrdom is sending small construction team to help in the maintenance of this Bible seminary campus. You can help us support and strengthen the witness of Jesus Christ of the students of this seminary. The seminar has sent us a list of supplies. These supplies are very expensive to buy in Colombia. Our hope is to put as many of these items in the suit cases of the worker who will travel to do the work in Colombia. Below is a list of supplies need that you can mail to us for delivery. We would like to have the items by August 1.

Here is the material list that you can contribute to:

  • garden scissors
  • pruners
  • 1 inch paint brushes
  • 3 inch brushes
  • 5 inch paint brushes
  • gloves
  • paint rollers
  • spray guns
  • chopping knives
  • 5 inch spatula, trowels
  • #150 sandpaper
  • face masks
  • 200 sandpaper

If interested in joining the construction team to Colombia please e-mail us for more information and an application.

Extreme team:
We need a few godly men and women who can work with their hands to paint, garden and clean. No experience needed only a servant’s heart. The seminary in Medellin, Colombia is considered a quiet and safe place for Americans to visit. Colombia is one of the most fertile Countries in the world today for the gospel. This trip is destined to be an exciting adventure and a service project of a lifetime. During the week we will hear testimonies and meet believers who will help us build faith and grow as disciples of Christ.

A $100 refundable deposit is needed with the application to secure your

The deposit is refundable until plane tickets are purchased. After the one hundred dollars, a total of sixteen hundred dollars per person will need to be raised to cover expenses. Already, funds have been donated to this trip. If you join us, we can all team up to raise the money together. Airfare transportation within Colombia three meals a day incidentals are all included. The only items not covered are your snacks and souvenirs.

How much? $100

Phone: 928-634-1419
E-mail: david@spiritofmartyrdom.com
P.O. Box 101
Clarkdale, Az 86324

This missions trip is destined to change your life!
Jeanine and Colombian translator sharing about the seminar and many
changed lives