Discussion Discipleship Method Multiplication

SOM exists for the glory of God by serving His global Church and equipping them to serve as witnesses around the world. As we work with our brothers and sisters around the world, we are able to learn from their fruitful practices of witnessing and discipleship. In turn we are able to bring those tools back to the U.S. to serve the Church at home.

In September of 2014, SOM had the privilege of equipping River Community Fellowship church in Northern Arizona with a discipleship training. Since then the attendees regularly report their growth and encouragement in the Word of God using this simple discussion method of making disciples. A handful of attendees took their training to the next level and immediately implemented their new found skills in leading interactive Bible discussions in their church. Below is a testimony of one of the leaders who has witnessed the blessings of God in simple obedience to make disciples. She uses this method in her personal devotions, leading a multiplying Bible study, and is now assisting SOM in training other churches in discipleship.

“I was lost and once I was found after many troubled years I wanted nothing more than to share what the Lord had blessed me with. Because even when I was not truly following Him, He was always there, always with me and I finally saw that clearly.

It was so very intimidating in a world where people who knew more scripture than I did or already had their arguments set in their minds for any such conversation that might involve my Lord and Savior.

I was doing what I could to share His love and His word and I became part of the children’s ministry at our church and teaching them was also teaching me.

When Spirit of Martyrdom came and taught a workshop about the Discussion Discipleship Method at our church I felt God pulling me to go and so I did. From that moment my life has truly changed…

Bible Study Attendees Dig Deep Into God’s Word Together

I learned more in those two days then I had ever learned in any other attempt I made to learn the scriptures and I was able to share with others what I learned for the first time.

The Discussion Discipleship Method taught me words and stories from the Bible. They taught me in a way that was easy to understand and in a way I never looked at the Bible before. Through this workshop I now look at the Word as stories that are being told so that we can continue to share. Jesus shared through stories and asking questions, why would we not all want to be able to do the same?

Workshop Attendee Leads Weekly Interactive Bible Study

Through this workshop the Lord has worked wonders in my life. Not only has it altered my teaching for children’s church by giving me a different refreshing way to share the word but it also put me in a place that I was able to Co-Lead and start a Bible study using this method at The River Community Church. We have completed our first semester with the anticipation of our next.

It was a great gift to share with others this method and see their excitement. In sharing my excitement for the Discussion Discipleship Method and the pure joy that it brings in learning and sharing stories from the Bible, I have friends who don’t believe, or are still questioning if God is truly there, always asking me what was the story told this week?

Since I attended the workshop I have come closer to the Lord, I have shared His word and I felt His love grow in me and I have seen eyes sparkle by realization that He is here!

Touching hearts of those who are in need of our Lord and savior is all I have ever wanted to do since my moment of realization that Jesus is our Lord and Savior. This method has taught me how to share the word through conversation in a non-intimidating way, but in a way that captivates and leads people to questions.

I now know that I have found my path; I found what the Lord has put me here to do. I see people when I plant a seed start to crave His water because the stories I tell are true and from the Word of God, and if I can catch a minute of someone’s time and share a story they too will see it’s true.

Each week we would ask to see who shared the story we learned and to hear the testimonies and see their excitement in sharing was a true blessing.”

“And therefore go and make disciples of all the nations”
Matthew 28:19

Workshop Attendee Leads Weekly Bible Study