My dear friend and co-author of Fearless Love, Dr. Mujahid El Masih, said to me a few years ago that, “if the spirit of fear were to disappear over the Islamic world that half the population of Muslims would turn to Christ.” Today, there is a growing hunger for divine love among Muslims. During the last 30 years and more intensely the past 10 years more Muslims have found faith in Jesus Christ than all 1400 years of Islam. In the year 2000 I read a report of an Islamic nation in North Africa that had only 73 believers.

This past December I visited this nation and found that number has grown to over 1000. In my experience 60 to 70 percent of Muslim background believers in Jesus Christ have had a supernatural experience of dreams, visions, and miracles that helped in their conversion to Christianity. But even a higher number have shared with me that the love of Jesus and the love shown by Christians was the key factor in their coming to faith.

The greatest oppressive spirit within Islam is fear. Fear is very powerful. There is only one real cure. LOVE. 1 John 4:18, There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. This verse is the theme of our book, Fearless Love, and has become a passion of my heart. Fear paralyses faith and love empowers faith.

A few years ago I met “Farad” in Iran. His wife and two children have had to find a new living corridor five times because they continue to be kicked out of their homes for their faith in Jesus. Three times he has been arrested and beaten by the police. With joy he told me about the growing Church in Iran. I found no fear but a bold believer. Love consumes him that his focus is on Christ and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with other Muslims. How can we help in expanding love throughout the Muslim world? PRAYER. We first need to pray that the Body of Christ is freed from fear by the power of love through Jesus Christ. Pray for Muslim Background believers in Jesus living here and around the world. Pray that they continue to grow in passionate love. Pray for Muslims that their eyes are opened to the darkness of Islam and that the love of Jesus begins to lift the oppression of fear from their minds and hearts.
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Fearless Love: Page 211
Fearless LoveThe next verse, 1 John 4:19 says, “We love, because He first loved us.” As Christ first brought his love to us we must bring love to Muslims. Muslims will not come to us. Fear paralyzes them. Love will drive the terror out of terrorists. Darkness is simply the void of light and fear is the void of love. Light drives out darkness and love drives out fear. Every Christian must pray for more love so that they might have more courage and boldness to seek out Muslims everywhere they go.
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