February – Fearless Prayer for Bangladesh

Reported By David Witt

Last week one of our contacts from Bangladesh was arrested for sharing Christian materials at the second largest Muslim festival in the world. This festival attracts as many as 4 million Muslims annually. January, 2011 we were with our Bangladeshi brother on the festival grounds. Together we prayed for God to speak to the hearts of Muslims. We prayed that the truth and love of Jesus would touch their longing hearts. From our human perspective, what can one Christian do in such a mass of devout Muslims? In this situation, it is easy to be overwhelmed and give into intimidation.

Our Bangladeshi contact is a small man in stature, but big in faith. Instead of looking at the size of the challenge, he decided to put his faith on the size of the Holy Spirit living inside of him.  If faith the size of a mustard seed can move a mountain, what can faith do in the midst of a sea of Muslims? Our friend faithfully passed out Christian tracts and engaged in conversations with Muslims sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He was right! Overcoming fear with faith is a powerful testimony. The leadership responsible for the Muslim festival had the Bangladeshi police arrest our friend and held him in jail for four days until the festival was over. Amazingly, one little man with a simple message caused those who are in high positions to be concerned. What are the Muslims afraid of? Their behavior only confirms that the Lord Jesus Christ is power unto salvation. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

What is even more encouraging about the witness of our brother from Bangladesh are the testimonies of prayer. This week, two of our partners shared how they had prayed for this Muslim festival in August during the 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World. This prayer booklet is sent out to thousands of people who in a concert of prayer, lift up the Muslim world to our Heavenly Father. On the last day, (August 30, 2011) the prayer booklet focused on the Bishwa Ljtema Festival. Our partners are encouraged that our Bangladeshi brother is an answer to their prayers. He continues to walk in obedience as a bold witness for Jesus Christ.

Our friend is presently free on bail. He has already been to court once and now the judge has scheduled the next court date at the end February. The Judge is waiting for the full report from the police. The police have delayed in giving the report because they want a bribe from our contact in promise of a good report. Our brother is putting his faith upon the report of the Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray for continued boldness and the opportunity of  our Bangladeshi brother as he witnesses  Christ before this judge and others! Because of your support, we were able to send funds to help and encourage him. He now counts himself blessed from the persecution:  “when they put me in custody, the room was very dirty and there was a bad smell. Nine people were there and we only had three torn, thin, filthy blankets, no pillows, no mosquito net, and no light.  Four of us shared a blanket and others slept on newspapers… Praise God! I am blessed, God chose me to be His witness in jail. I had an opportunity to talk with some people about Jesus. I collected their addresses and when they’re released, I will try to share more about Jesus to them.” I pray our brother’s testimony from Bangladesh encourages your witness in Christ! We serve a wonderful global Christian family.

P.S. We hope to continue to share stories of faith, courage and inspiration. Please feel free to pass this to other Christian friends who might join us in prayers and updates. Thank you again for your prayers and partnership in ministry.

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