Sayeed’s Testimony

From Depression to a Fulfilled Life


Hello, my name is Sayeed.

I am 30 years old and living with my older brother in a small house in the Middle East. I grew up in a Muslim family and had a difficult childhood. I lost my father when I was very young. Therefore, I started working at an abnormally young age, inexperienced for life.

After many years of struggling, I established a company for computer services. At the beginning, everything was great and I thought I finally had reached my goals and didn’t need anything else. This resulted in a change of lifestyle. Every night I partied at my house and or went to different trips and parties. I met many people who were harmful to me. I didn’t think about Allah at all and I had forgotten that Allah had pulled me out of such a lifestyle as this.

After a few years passed like this, I lost everything I had in one month, with only a little bit of money left, which was not enough to count on.

After such a loss, I became the former Sayeed that I once was. I started seeking Allah for the answers to why I lost everything I had earned over the years in just one month? These questions made me disassociate myself. However, I began selling books at the street corners.

I have read many books about Allah, his wisdom and his creation, but I could not find any answers to my questions.

After a while, I became nothing, living like a robot and a depressed man, with no friends or family, I was alone.

One day, I sat beside a street selling books, and two men, who had a special joy about them, approached me and welcomed me as a dear friend. They started sharing their pasts; their difficulties and the works and miracles God had done for them. I became eager to know the God they were describing.

They brought me Bible stories about God and they told me that if I read and obey them God will show himself to me and he will come into my heart and life.

Now I am reading the third Bible story they shared with me and I found many insights in them that are very wonderful to me and things I never knew or read about before in any other book.

One of the wonderful things about these stories, are the way we read them. Whenever I talked about my worries, while reading the Bible stories, I feel God is listening and meets my needs and takes away all my worries in that week. This is such a miracle for me.

I had an important business appointment that I was sure wouldn’t work out and its risk was very high, but I talked to God and my friends about it as we read the Bible together and then this appointment was held in that week. It was incredible because once I talked about my problem; God solved it and blessed me with the job.

Also, a different time, I had problems at a place where I sold my books and I brought it up while fellowshipping about the Bible stories and again God provided a new place for me to work, which was far better. I believe there is something special happening when I read the Bible and obey what I learn from it and it’s working in my life. This is the real God.

God is answering questions I had for many years. I want to tell my brother and the only friend I have about these Bible stories and the one true God.