Here are simple ways to be a part of an explosive church planting movement consisting of Church Planting Schools and Woman’s Sewing and Bible Schools.

Church Planting/Missionary Schools

In 2011, there were 35 house churches in the Indian network. As of 2017, the network has increased to over 19,000 churches impacting 270,000 people for Christ!

The Church Planting/Missionary Schools train and graduate a class of 30 students every 6 months. Schools are strategically located in unreached regions of India and the number of schools continues to grow. SOM starts new schools as provision is available through donations.

The cost per student is $40.00/month ($1,200.00/month for 30 students.) This is a total of $7,200.00 to support all 30 students for each 6 month school.

This includes: biblical training, school building rent, meals, Shepherd’s Staff Pastor’s Manual, new Bible, God Story DVD, Christian materials and travel expenses.

Upon graduation, each house church planter will plant an average of 5 churches averaging 15 people each within 12 months. We strive to bless each church planter with a bicycle that costs $100.00. With a bicycle, we have noticed that the average church planter will establish 3 additional house churches a year.

Presently, there are schools needing adoption in various states across India that are eager to begin training, as the funding is available! The impact of supporting a Church Planting School is 150 new house churches and 2,200 lost souls being impacted by God within twelve months. 

Women’s Sewing and Bible Schools

Women’s Sewing Centers provide widows and single mothers the opportunity to learn a trade to start microbusinesses while equipping them in biblical training and discipleship.

There are many Women’s Sewing Centers in various states throughout India working alongside the Church Planting/Missionary Schools. Every six months, there is a graduation and we strive to bless each woman with their very own sewing machine to start their sewing business as they shine the Light of Christ in their community and taking opportunities to share about the house church in their village.

Thank You for Your Consideration

You’re impacting India for all eternity!

If you have further questions or comments, please contact us.