Prayer Alert from Colombia


We are on track to finish the fifteen new radio installations that I had been asked to accomplish this year. Several are still in progress and some are being run by our ministry partners. It took us twelve years to put in the first fifteen stations and now we have been able to do the same amount of expansion in only one year. It looks like we will be working on exciting new stations in places like Venezuela and Mexico in 2013 along with additional projects in Colombia.

Every year we have been praying for 100,000 Bibles for Colombia and we have met this goal for the past several years. However, 2013 is shaping up to be exceptional. I am pleased to report that we will meet our goal by the end of January. Therefore we are changing our prayer request to one million Bibles for 2013. Our new projects are written so that we are not limited to Colombia and can follow open doors wherever God leads.

This year we have been able to put a major emphasis on evangelistic meetings and the Lord has used the movie to attract and impact large numbers of people with the Gospel even in the midst of serious opposition. A growing number of key men and women who used to be terrorists have turned to the Lord and most of the testimonies must remain classified for now. Pray that God will continue to influence the peace talks that are presently in progress.

The lord has continued to expand our aviation programs with over 250,000 books and Bibles deployed by air and training in progress with six pilots. Additional aircraft have been provided. Right now we are praying for a complex aircraft that we need and is required for the next phase of training for our pilots so that they can get their FAA commercial and instructor ratings (a complex aircraft has retractable landing gear and more than 200 horsepower). We are also praying for a helicopter to service all the remote high mountain radio sites (some of which take days of travel by four wheel drive and then on horseback).

There is a small airline for sale in eastern Colombia and it is the only one authorized to fly into all the remote jungle airstrips that were abandoned by the missionary aviation programs that all left Colombia fifteen or more years ago. We are praying that God will allow us to have this airline and that He will provide us with the necessary aircraft (including at least two Angel airplanes) to service these airfields in dozens of Indian villages that have not seen a missionary in more than twenty years. We are broadcasting in seven Indian languages on short wave and many continue to respond to the Gospel.

We believe that God is giving us a very unique window of opportunity in 2013 to accomplish things that we have only been able to dream about up until now. Colombia and surrounding countries are ripe for the Gospel as never before. God has been carefully preparing leadership in remote places out of the limelight and under very intense pressure. I would love to personally meet with as many of you as possible this coming year. You may check my US speaking schedule at and see when I will be speaking at a conference near you. Thank you so much for your prayers and support.

I will also be speaking at Missions Fest Vancouver 2013 film festival. Please check their website for more information.

We count it a privilege to serve the people of Colombia with you.  Your prayers are invaluable to the Stendal family and our friends in Colombia.To view a trailer of La Montana click here or find out more information click here.

Together Serving,

David Witt

Spirit of Martyrdom, CEO


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