Prayer Alert from Russell and Marina Stendal

I sense great turmoil in the spiritual realm as a tremendous battle is taking place. This also affects the natural realm. Enemy attacks against us and our ministry have increased but so have the open doors and unheard of opportunities.

We are in the final stages of installing two new radio signals that on the surface applaud and promote the peace talks that have been taking place over the past year on the island of Cuba between the guerrillas and the Colombian government. However, a much deeper aspect to this programming makes it very clear to all parties that the only way to have lasting peace is to surrender to the Prince of Peace.

More equipment will be needed as the Lord opens the doors to install this signal in Havana and / or elsewhere. This is a major prayer request. We have encouraging reports that there are those on both sides of the negotiating table who have been deeply touched by the movie Lisa and Alethia made and by listening to us on the radio (several key players have listened to us for years and now believe in God).

Humanly speaking, it may take another two or three years of talks in Havana to end this war (and even then the odds seem to be less than fifty fifty). Right wing terrorists are also surging, and the situation in Venezuela continues to deteriorate rapidly. But all this provides excellent opportunity for the Gospel. There are virtually unlimited possibilities for radio ministry. We are placing books, Bibles, parachutes, videos, and Galcom radios into the hands of tens of thousands of needy people who are turning to the Lord. Thrilling testimonies abound.

We have had several very close calls. It appears that someone may have been tampering with one of our airplanes. I was warming up the engine getting ready to fly when the oil cooler blew, slinging oil all over the windshield. We had to get a new part from the US and then the annual inspection came due. One thing after another that seemed like needless delay until a week ago a new inspector found three inches of play in the leading edge of the elevator caused by two broken or missing pins. We think that this would have probably caused the tail to separate from the aircraft in flight and that I would have been killed along with whoever was with me. When I called the mechanic who had last worked on the tail, he was in the hospital in serious condition with a broken back. The day before a wing had fallen on him.

Most of our young people are on a trip to the US where they are itinerating with the movie. Last Saturday night Alethia was hospitalized in Orlando with a ruptured appendix. The doctors said that in a few more hours she might have been dead. They operated on her Sunday, and she is recovering. This appears to have been caused by a food poisoning episode that affected our entire extended family several weeks ago when we were on a trip to the North Coast of Colombia.

Several of our close friends and coworkers have had death threats or attempts on their lives within the past several weeks. Sometimes it is hard to figure out exactly who is doing this. We do get the idea, however, that the devil is not very happy with us. This is good news and even cause for rejoicing because it means that we are effective for the Lord. (See Matthew 5:10-12)

Our publisher offers the Jubilee Bible and our Spanish Bible free as an eBook along with free copies of many of our books including Rescue the Captors (just search Russell Stendal or Jubilee Bible on or on

We just posted our updated Jubilee Bible with extended footnotes free on (JB2000 module on the user supplied modules subpage).

I am finishing two new books: What About the Church? is now in the hands of our publisher; and the second will include messages like, The Prophecy of Noah’s Ark, The Altar and the Blood, The System of Leviathan, The New Birth, The Fire of God, and others. They will be released as EBooks on Kindle and elsewhere.

These are some of the foundational messages of our radio ministry, and we figure that they may have aired as many as 1000 times each as they have been repeated dozens of times over dozens of radio stations over the past 13 years as well as going all over on the Internet in Spanish. We also have recorded over 1000 such messages as we have preached through the Bible (and only lack Nehemiah, Job and Psalms).

Years ago my father started praying that some of the secular musicians that sing the typical Joropo music of the eastern plains of Colombia (and western Venezuela) might be converted. They sing to the accompaniment of a large wooden harp and other instruments. David Parales (one of the top artists) was converted over 25 years ago and has served the Lord with a wonderful testimony as a full time ministry associate. He, in turn, led many others to Christ, including Henry Sanchez, one of the top recording engineers in South America.

Before his conversion Henry was an alcoholic who specialized in recording the northern Mexico protest music loved by the guerrillas and drug traffickers. Over the past 13 years Henry has helped us record a huge repertoire of songs for the radio. In association with Henry (and many other converts from the music scene) we are going forward with a massive project to record all 150 Psalms put to music. We plan to eventually do this in Spanish and in English. Pray for this project. I am now preaching on the Psalms, a chapter per message at our meetings. The messages are all being recorded for the radio, as the individual Psalms are also being scored and recorded by the musicians. Pray that God will supply the needs of all the wonderful people involved in this project, which includes singers, narrators, composers, recording engineers and just about every conceivable type of musician.

Special thanks to each and every one of you for your prayers and support.


Together Serving,

David Witt

Spirit of Martyrdom, CEO

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