Fearless Love: How to Love a Thief 

Tanvir told the Spirit of Martyrdom team, “My Father is an Imam – a Muslim spiritual leader. When I accepted Christ, I was the only Christian in my Muslim village. I realized I must preach boldly to increase the Christian fellowship. My family and others did not like me preaching the Gospel. One day angry Muslims came to me with a big knife and demanded that I give them my cell phone and money. I asked them to let me keep enough money for a bus ticket. They wanted me out of town so they agreed. At first I was angry. Then the Holy Spirit reminded me that I am blessed for being persecuted and that I should return good for evil. I called my cell phone and told the thief what he and his friends did was good, because now I could explain my faith in Jesus. I said, ‘I forgive you.’ I had an opportunity to tell him that he needed Jesus to be forgiven of his sins too.”

Tanvir is a courageous witness of the grace of God.  While Jesus Christ was being crucified, he loved the thief from the cross. Before Jesus died the thief repented and Jesus promised him eternal life. Tanvir went on to tell us that he is hated in his village. Today he is living in a sanctuary camp and continues his evangelism.  Spirit of Martyrdom ministries is honored to support this work. The sanctuary camp ranges between 300-600 people at any time. Individuals and families come to receive discipleship and flee persecution. The SOM team recently served the camp by teaching six to eight hours a day for week. We were able to bring small gifts and toys for 150 children. We found out that 40 of the children were orphaned, but are being loved and educated by a community of Saints. Everyone who comes to camp is given a job, apprenticed in a trade, discipled in the Word of God along with shelter and meals. The trades consist of commercial fishing, farming, ranching, sewing, small engine repair, carpentry, welding, cooking and handcrafts. Children are educated from elementary thru high school. The Christian high school (the only high school in the village) educates 700 youth which includes many Hindu children in this minority area.

From this camp many former Muslims have grown in Christ and are now evangelists throughout Bangladesh. From January to April of 2011, our contact reported to Spirit of Martyrdom that 192,190 Gospel tracts and scripture portions were distributed. (He is former accountant.) 375 Bengalis were baptized! The harvest field of souls is fertile with great opportunity. Christians are less than 1 percent of the population; Muslims comprise 90 percent and Hindus 9 percent. There has never been a massive revival in Bangladesh. They are asking that we pray for tens of thousands of Muslims to respond to Christ in the coming days and that thousands of Hindus will also repent and receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

With restlessness escalating in the Islamic world, we know there is hope for a greater spiritual harvest globally. We sense that we are coming into a season of opportunity like never before in history. Thank you for praying for the living martyrs of Bangladesh who are boldly sharing their faith in Christ. Thank you for joining us in serving them with tools to transform lives. This year they are asking us to pray that God raises 100 more evangelists to join the work. The Holy Spirit is working to make every Christian molded into the likeness of Christ. We hope that God will expand your heart today to see even the evil work of thieves can be used as a good opportunity for the Gospel.

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