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Written By David Witt

Gives Thanks to Spirit of Martyrdom Partners

Living Martyr Pastor Jose

Jose and Zanaide Released
Five months, Pastor Jose and his co-worker Zeneide endured suffering in prison for their Christian witness, orphanage and outreach to the Talibe children of Senegal, Africa. They were arrested on November 6, 2012 with the charge of “converting Muslim children to Christianity.” Jose replied, “I am doing this work because of Jesus. Jesus is love, if I cannot share Jesus with these children, then I really don’t love them…” During the five months in prison Jose and Zeneide witnessed Christ to other inmates. They served others in need, cleaned toilets, bandaged physical wounds and healed spiritual wounds. Spirit of Martyrdom ministries was honored to serve these two martyrs of love; by visiting them in prison, sending letters of encouragement, supplying funds, led a petition of prayer and plea to write the Embassy of Senegal in Washington, DC. All this work has been profitable. On April 5, 2013 Jose and Zeneide were released on bail! Even though the final verdict has not been given by the courts in Senegal, Jose and Zeneide are greatly encouraged.  In this five minute video, Pastor Jose tells his story and thanks the partners of Spirit of Martyrdom.

  • For the court decision… that we would be granted full immunity.
  • For protection of Project Obediah and the children will be able to continue at the center with us.
  • For the lawyer that is doing all the paperwork (need to receive permission for the children to stay at the Center and give complete legal status to the Project-for wisdom, direction and diligence.
  • For our health. I need to rest, but I haven’t been able to. My health has been fragile, all the months of pressure and continued uncertainty- have made sleep illusive.
  • For our family. We have all been greatly affected. May God protect, provide, and help us make decisions according to His heart.

for standing with Jose and Zeneide (martyrs of love) and your donations, prayers and volunteering time to Spirit of Martyrdom ministries.
Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep. (Romans 12:15)
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