Things are going quite well and very intense as usual.

We have been working hard on the big Disney transmitter and now have it tuned to our frequency and operational on low power. In order to put it on high power (which we need in order to be able to transmit long distance) we still have to troubleshoot some logic circuits that are giving trouble and replace the transformer on the light pole outside the transmitter shed. Our present transformer is rated for 350 amps per phase and the transmitter draws about 400 (plus the load of our houses, studios and our two 5K short wave transmitters. The next larger transformer is rated for 600 amps and should be sufficient. Presently we do not have the money to do this but the transformer we need is readily available here in country from Siemens on about 15 days notice for about US 5k.

A complicating factor is that we have word from a reliable source that the guerrilla group immediately to the south of us (which along with several other fronts is under the general command of our arch enemy who hates the Gospel) has placed a special forces unit into the Lomalinda area with the specific and only purpose of kidnapping a “gringo” who drives around the area alone in a pickup truck. The only person we can think of that fits this description is me. And the men from this unit keep getting drunk about every other weekend in the town 3 miles from our radio station and venting their frustrations about how this gringo keeps slipping out of their traps. This kind of thing has happened a lot, however, and so far every single time whatever they were trying to do to me eventually backfires and comes back down on them and takes them out.

We have been putting in several other FM stations including one in the town where I was kidnapped 29 years ago and where the nasty guerrilla leader who hates us will be in range of the signal. After we got our team all the way out there in a borrowed helicopter the FM transmitter failed and we have to bring in a replacement from China. Our team was in an active war zone for three days with intense combat in the area.

The transmitter that we installed in Cali (an Elenos 1.5K unit that cost US 7500) burned up about 4 months ago and we have not been able to replace it. We have several crucial situations like this so I have been buying cheap transmitters from China as I am able (so far 8 for US 1100 each) but am not able to keep up with the demand. Even so, we have about 20 transmitters up and running in various key places. We also lack audio processors (the cheap ones cost 800 and the good ones cost 1500 and we need 10).

We are planning to Premiere the movie on Sunday morning in Bogota and on July 20 we will have another premiere in eastern Colombia at the town where we filmed the project and where all the events really happened. With what we have I think we can do presentations of 500 people or so but the need in these towns and military bases is to have a system that can handle 5000. In fact, we probably will need several systems.

We have been doing massive parachute deployment along the southern border with Ecuador which is also heating up.  So far this year over 70,000 parachutes have been deployed and we have books, Bibles and chutes for another 15,000 or so. Another large shipment of parachutes is on the way from VOM and they also provided a lot of Bibles but we have no other literature to put in these new parachutes.

Also, to the north of us in Boyaca there is the possibility of receiving a multi million dollar installation on top of a 14,500 mountain from the phone company with tower, buildings, generator, and lots of other good stuff.   The phone company is trying to charge for the installations and we want it for free.  We are praying that either they will donate the site or the Lord will provide the finances.

This will open a huge area in the North Central part of the country and even part of Venezuela to FM signal.

On the outskirts of Bogota we are looking at a farm in an area dominated by Gypsies who are family to Henry and the price of the property we need has been reduced by half from US 50k to about 25k. If we can get this we will be able to put a strong signal into much of the city plus it will give a great place to help rehabilitate a constant stream of people.

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