Prayer Alert from Colombia


It seems that the Latin America ministry has gone into overdrive this year. Everything is moving forward at an extremely rapid pace.  More radio repeaters in delicate areas; more Bibles, literature, and parachute deployment; more speaking engagements. Best of all, guerilla soldiers, government officials, paramilitary and citizens of Colombia of every kind are responding to the Gospel. The demand for Bibles and Christian materials has exhausted our supply. In fact, we had to comb all of our radio stations, and ministry sites for all Christian literature we owned for distribution. Please join us in praying and trusting God to supply more Christian materials for further distribution during this crucial time in Latin America.


In a typical week, I fly out on Friday to a city somewhere and participate in a weekend conference on Saturday (you may check for listings in the US). Then I catch a red eye flight back to Bogota on Saturday night and arrive early Sunday morning in time to preach at our two Sunday meetings here in Colombia (the messages are broadcast all over). I have Monday through Thursday to fix or install radio stations, deploy parachutes, train pilots, or participate in meetings of showing the La Montana film (sometimes in remote jungle locations) and mass evangelism outreach.


Our books and Bibles have also been posted on If you search under Russell Stendal you will find our English literature (Rescue the Captors is available for free download right now on Kindle and has been the #2 most popular book for Youth Ministry). If you search Amazon under Martin Stendal you will find our Spanish literature. Amazingly, The Book of Daniel that I wrote based on a series of Spanish radio programs aimed at the guerrillas was the #1 Best Seller for Kindle eBooks under the Old Testament Commentary section for several months and also high on the chart in the Prophecy section.


New government requirements have caused us to replace the FM radio antennas on three of our stations and we are finally almost through all the hassle, cost and paperwork. The good news is that the stations now have much better signal strength and range.  Ironically, this was supposed to be the other way around according to the regulators.


We received new audio processors donated by Galcom, Canada which we are now installing on a dozen or so stations. This greatly enhances the quality of the FM Stereo signal…second to none!

We are very thankful to the Lord for all He has done and for keeping us safe and in good enough health to continue to do all that He has called us to.

Pray for the present peace negotiations that are taking place on the Island of Cuba between the Colombian guerrillas and the Colombian government. God is touching people on all sides. For those of you who have seen the movie, La Montana that our daughters created and directed, you will be thrilled to know that the top guerrilla leader in the movie is also one of the negotiators at the Peace Table in Cuba.  La Montana is having quite an impact over there. Also, the movie was just nominated for Best Director and for Best Cinematographer at the Madrid Film Festival. We are also praying for finances to duplicate at least 100,000 copies of the movie to put in the parachutes that we are planning to deploy this year and to be able to give them out at mass evangelism events all over the country. Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

Russ Stendal

Executive Director

Colombia Para Cristo


We count it a privilege to serve the people of Colombia with you.  Your prayers are invaluable to the Stendal family and our friends in Colombia.

Together Serving,

David Witt

Spirit of Martyrdom, CEO


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