Christian Islamic Dialogue (CID) are SOM teams reaching out to Muslims at mosques across America


I am greatly encouraged with the way the Lord is constantly planting more seeds of faith in my own heart and the Muslims that I have opportunity to witness to. Here is a great example of how all it takes is a mustard seed to say to this mountain move and it will be moved. (Matthew 17:20)

It was a Friday afternoon and I was rejoicing in the day the Lord hath made. I had just finished Spirit of Martyrdom Muslim Outreach training with some instructors and some trainees in Tucson, Arizona. For the outreach I was able to invite a couple of servants of Christ to model for them firsthand experience of some ways to start a spiritual dialogue on faith in Christ with Muslims. After encouraging the two servants of Christ and giving them some helpful advice, one departed. Newcomer Dave stayed alongside me for the outreach, which I found his company and love for the Lord delightful.

Along came a young man who I believed to be a student at the University of Arizona campus nearby. He stopped to engage in conversation with us. I introduced Dave and myself. Dave worked for the church that hosted the training and was participating in the training/outreach. I told the young man, whose name was Abdul, I was in town from Phoenix for outreach training with Spirit of Martyrdom ministries. I asked if he would be open to discuss some things from the Bible.

I later found out Abdul had studied the whole Bible and was a Muslim who was on his way to the mosque that day. The mosque was straight across the street from where we were standing. I asked if he had heard of the Biblical account of Abraham offering his son as a sacrifice. I went through the story briefly with him. I asked what he thought about the ram offering. What was the significance of it? I also remember from a prior training, Daniel Ted sharing with us that one of the Muslim books says that a great sacrifice was given for the ransom of Abraham’s son. I also shared with him part of the Romans Road and how only the righteousness of Christ can make us righteous by faith in Christ. It is similar to what one of their books states concerning mercy (grace) that is from Almighty God. If it is not for God’s mercy, or “grace” (Muhammad stated concerning himself) personal salvation is not confirmed. I told him that all our self-righteous works before God are dirty rags. I shared with him from the Scripture that by grace we are saved through faith; and that it is not of ourselves; it is the gift of God. Not by works, so that no man should boast. “For Moses writes about the righteousness that is based on the law, that the person who does the commandments shall live by them.” (Romans 10:5) If we are found guilty of having offended the Law in just one point, we are cast out before the presence of God on the Day of Judgment and cast into the Abyss.

I can tell he was a well-learned man. He did not want to take the Gospel of John in Arabic I had offered to him. He said he had already read the whole Bible and that he knew the Quran. After sharing the Gospel and many other insights, I didn’t see it really take any strong root in him, I felt like I would go out on a limb, because I had hope for him to believe. I shared with him knowing it would be my last opportunity to enhance his trust in Jesus Christ as Savior. I abruptly and immediately began to share something with him that really moved me. I told him, “One day you are going to stand before God and having been found guilty of sin, condemned to hell. If you received Jesus, He will say, “You see Abdul! I paid his bill and he received my payment.” For some reason I portrayed Abdul in the story illustration just to personalize it to him.

I then gave Abdul a Gospel tract of a sports figure testimony of his personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, with a few Scriptures on the back. Mainly scriptures commonly known as the Romans Road verses and was followed by a prayer to surrender your life to Jesus Christ and receive Him as your personal Savior and Lord. With closing words as he was departing, I felt led to point to the prayer and utter, “Just receive it.” He smiled and walked away.

As the young man departed to walk across the street to go into the mosque, I went about to seek out someone else to share our faith with. I stood in the same spot with Dave near the mosque. We were patiently waiting for someone else to dialogue with while thinking of Abdul. During this time, I look up and see Abdul walking toward us away from the mosque. Pondering why he was approaching us, since it had only been about a minute since he departed from us to go into the mosque. I concluded maybe he wanted the Gospel of John after all. So I handed him the book and uttered, “Did you want one?” He interrupted me and says, “God is my witness,” as he pointed to the prayer; “I already have the key right here” as he confidently walked past us away from the mosque.

I know it is very important for a Muslim believer to attend prayer at the mosque on Friday which is their holy day. Abdul did not even enter into the mosque. My heart was filled with faith that the Gospel of Jesus Christ had penetrated his heart and that God is drawing Abdul to Himself.

I do not know for sure whether or not he received Jesus Christ salvation and is born again, but I do know that powerful seeds of faith were planted into his heart and I believe the Lord will water them and complete the good work He has started.

I was later told that Muslims are not allowed to pray personal prayers inside the mosque besides the routine religious and congregation prayers prayed in the mosque.

Praise God for what He did in the heart of Abdul and pray that the seeds that were planted would continue to grow and root and ground him deeper in the truth of Jesus Christ, drawing him into a relationship with Jesus and transformed life.

There are many more “Abduls” living in America. Please consider SOM’s Muslim Outreach training and joining us to reach Muslims for Jesus.

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