Amin’s Testimony

My name is Amin; I am 32 years old from the Middle East and this is my testimony of how I started believing in God and how He took all my burdens. I was living in a very small neighborhood and I worked installing cable TV and security systems in malls and institutions. My parents did not let me have any friends, therefore, I was alone all the time. I have a brother who was my only friend; both of us were shy and distant from society. I appreciated my parents for my brother, but we were both alone and I became very depressed.  We were looking for a way out of this depression.

I graduated and went to serve in the military and it was nice for me because I found new friends and was no longer depressed.

During those two years, I had a few good friends and I was happy, but this type of happiness was not deep, so when I was alone again I became depressed. My service in the military was finished and my father died after a few weeks of being home. This made me feel worse than before. Again, I started living a life of loneliness and pain. I had to work hard to provide for my family. Every day I was thinking, “How can I be happy? How can I stay in relationship with others and is there anybody who does not feel alone?”

Every day passed where I felt like this. I met somebody who shared Bible stories about God with me and my coworkers. I shared about my loneliness and he understood my feelings. He told me God will take my loneliness and sadness and I can give all my worries to God. I cried all day long, crying out all of the pressures in my life and a deep sense of peace came over me as God was consoling me.

I started reading the Bible stories about God and I wanted to be a friend of God. After a few weeks of reading God’s word and being his friend, I read that Jesus Christ came to this world and died for me and paid the penalty for my sins. I believed in Him and invited Him into my heart because He was the only one who could help me escape my loneliness.

It was the most beautiful day of my life when I believed in Jesus Christ. I was 32 years old. My heart was filled with joy and peace. I hugged my friend and told him I feel God has forgiven me and there is nothing in this world I will worry about and nothing that will make me despair.