Written by: A Colombian Worker;


Russell Stendal had sent some boxes of books and Bibles to a brigade in Tunja. A lady asked if she could take some of these materials to her pastor who ran a prosperity gospel church in Tunja. Her pastor, who only knows how to preach about money, handed out the books without first having read them. Among these books were, Seventh Trumpet and Seven Thunders, The Book of Daniel and What about the Church all written by Russell. The woman introduced me to her pastor and he invited me to give a message. My message was on the Ark of the Covenant, that represented God’s holiness and how only one man, the high priest could approach the Ark in the tabernacle. The high priest represents Jesus Christ. We can only come into life in God when we are living by faith in Jesus Christ. In order for us to live in Christ, we must die to ourselves. To live in Christ means to embrace even persecution for our faith.

When I finished speaking, no one applauded because their doctrine was based on the prosperity of this world. As I left the church, Miguel Contreras, a well-known pastor of a major prosperity denomination in Colombia stood and said, “Brother, I need to understand more fully of what you said.”

We went out for lunch and answered his questions, and then I gave him a box of radios and three boxes of Bibles and books. After two months I received a call, it was Miguel. He said, “Brother, I called to tell you that 15 days ago I made a radical decision and I’ve left my denomination. I’ve been listening to the messages on the radio that you gave me and I’ve understood. The LORD has shown me that I am to leave that place, like fleeing Babylon. I’m on my way to Catatumbo.”
Catatumbo is an area filled with guerrillas,paramilitary, criminal bands, and common delinquents where more than 13,000 Colombians have disappeared or been killed. This is where the LORD took Miguel Contreras. During these past six years, 50% or more of the materials that Russell gave me, went to the Catatumbo area where Miguel Contreras is taking this message. In the midst of all the violence, he has taken fixed channel radios, and now the film La Montana, and is placing them in the hands of armed groups. Miguel does not work for men or for us. He is a valiant man who works for the KINGDOM OF THE LORD JESUS.

Please keep the living martyrs of Colombia like Miguel in your prayers!

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What About the Church?

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The Seventh Trumpet and the Seven Thunders

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protection in God.


The Book of Daniel

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