Growing Hope for the
Muslim World in the

Midst of Terror Part II

Written by David Witt


Islam is a religion of fear. Fear dominates Muslims. Fear of Allah, the retribution from other Muslims, fear of hell, the influence from infidels… Perfect love (Jesus Christ) casts out fear. (1 John 4:18) A few weeks ago, I was talking to an Egyptian Christian. I asked him how the recent demonstrations had affected the Gospel work in North Africa. He replied, “Muslims are still hungry for love and are spiritually seeking. Cowardly Christians have stopped witnessing. Courageous Christians are witnessing and we are not afraid to die. We are reaping the harvest.” I have found a similar spirit from other Muslim Background Believers. They are bold in their faith and have told me, they are not afraid to die.

As the fear of Islam loses its grip, more and more Muslims are finding God’s love through faith in Jesus Christ. In the past 30 years more Muslims have come to faith in Jesus Christ than 1400 years of Islam. Our contact in the Muslim majority African country of Guinea Bissau reports: “This year the Muslim leadership from Guinea Bissau and surrounding countries, met to discuss the growing problem of Muslims converting to Christianity.”  In the past 30 years Iran and Algeria were leading nations of Islamic fundamentalism. Today both of those countries lead in the conversion of Muslims who have become Christians. (Some estimate the conversions into the hundreds of thousands between the two countries.)

Biblical prophecy regarding the conversion of the Muslim world is very hopeful.   Isaiah 19:23-25 is the reconciliation of three historical enemies; Assyria (Modern day Iraq and Iran- Shia sect majority), Egypt (Sunni sect majority) and Israel (Jewish majority). Isaiah 60:5-7 refers to the lineage of Ishmael in acceptance and unity with God’s people in the fundamental Muslim dominated areas today of Jordan and Saudi Arabia.  The Scriptures tell us in Revelation that Jesus ransomed people for God from every tribe and language and people and nation. (Revelation 5:9)  There is growing support to interpret the iron and clay feet of the statue in Daniel’s vision. (Daniel 2)  The Islamic kingdom represents one fifth of the world’s population today. The final part of Daniel’s vision has the Rock of Christ destroying all the previous kingdoms and setting up an eternal kingdom. Even if someone does not accept the iron legs and mixed feet being the kingdom of Islam, the vision is clear that Christ destroys all other kingdoms  which obviously include Islam.

The Hope of Muslims today is God removing the barrier of Islam. God loves Muslims, but Islam has kept Muslims in fear of knowing His love personally. He is drawing Muslims to Himself to make a people for Himself. (1 Samuel 12:22)  We believe God has risen up the ministry of Spirit of Martyrdom for such a time as this… to serve the living martyrs coming out of Islam and to build up His Church in the Muslim world. SOM supports the witnesses of Christ with Bibles and Christian materials, training and other tools of ministry.  We desire to increase hope over the Muslim world. We encourage you to keep hope and do not stop praying. Beyond the headlines of bad news, God is doing a dramatic work of global transformation.

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