Watered in Faith

Reported By Samuel Hernandez

We send our most sincere appreciation for the help received from our partners, individuals and anonymous friends who continue supporting the tremendous work of God in Colombia. The El Tablón project to help persecuted displaced Paez Christians in Colombia is doing well. A few weeks ago, we inaugurated the new land for a community of 30 families with prayers, songs, speeches, and a ribbon cutting celebration. These families are now cleaning and preparing the ground for agriculture and livestock projects. Their plan is to become a self-sustainable community quickly. Twelve acres have been purchased and will be used for the construction of homes. 220 acres are planned for agriculture and currently being leased inexpensively. The dream of these Paez Christians is to purchase the leased land as the Lord provides. Meanwhile, our Christian Paez family is happily laboring in the place they now call “Home.”

I flew with dear friends from VOM Finland to a remote part of Colombia. We rented a vehicle with a driver and began the long journey to El Tablón. After many hours of driving, we stopped at Kelly’s house (Pabel’s widow) so her son Israel (8 years old) and daughter Linda (5 years old) could join us for this mission in helping others, just as their dad, Pabel, used to do often.

The special visit from foreign friends was a perfect excuse for Israel and Linda to have an adventure and escape from a day of school! Frankly, I enjoy the company of these children and their presence always encourages me. The next two hours of unpaved road and winding hills were the most difficult. We prayed for protection against any evil deed or robbery from criminal vandals, drug traffickers, or even radical natives. The almost 50-year-old Toyota we rented worked perfectly. Our usual driver has navigated this area for us many times, and we can tell the Lord is tugging on his heart. He is becoming increasingly interested in the development of the community, and now the Paez recognize him as well. He kept saying, “Something good is going on here.”

As soon as we arrived, my wife, Lisa jumped out of the vehicle with her camera to capture the beautiful mountain landscape from every angle, while I visited Evangelisto and Maria’s home. Their house is simple, made of sticks, mud, and plastic. I looked down the hill to the precipice and saw the coffee plants growing beautifully. Knowing it hasn’t rained much over the past couple of months and lacked proper irrigation, I asked, “How are these plants growing so well without much water?” Evangelisto lifted up his hands to heaven and said, “We just sow the plants in the dry land and ask the LORD of heaven and earth to let them grow, and there you go…” This trip was short, but an incredible adventure to El Tablón. We cannot accredit ourselves, but to glorify the One who continues to be merciful despite all the difficulties people have endured in our beloved country.

Whether up in the mountains of Huila or in the middle of an illicit crop below or in the splendid hills of Cauca or in humble houses or even among the most impoverished towns where a CampWater filtration plant is working along the Pacific Coast, seeds are being sown from the Word of God through the radio stations. These seeds have been sown with tears and many troubles, but we are living in the days of its growth. Perhaps not many can see the growth now, but eventually, all will see a bountiful harvest.

Thank you for your continued partnership, prayers and support.