APRIL 2016

Personal Note from

Kelly in Colombia


I felt God had abandoned me after my husband Pabel was killed and I did not understand. Why did this injustice happen to a man that had dedicated his whole life to the service of God? But after God’s dealings with me and my kids, I realize that it was necessary for Pabel’s testimony to end so that God’s work could continue directly to all the people that oppose Him. It was so that the Gentiles could hear who the Almighty God of the hosts is, who shields and watches over the widows and the orphans. I still feel pain, but when I began to walk with the Lord I told Him, “He could do whatever He pleased with me.” I gave Him my heart so that He could watch over me, and if it is necessary I am willing to give my life.
I am continuing the work of evangelizing many people, as Pabel did, in places where the Lord allows me to go with His word. In my spare time, my son Israel and I load a box of Bibles onto Pabel’s old motorcycle and share the gospel of the Kingdom to whomever the Lord allows. My son gives out the Bibles and I share the message the Lord places in my heart.
My children and I would like to thank everyone enormously for the wonderful gift of the house I now have for my family!