Things are finally coming to a head after Algeria has been in the midst of a historic revolution for the past 10 months with millions of people protesting peacefully every Tuesday and Friday. After two failed election attempts due to lack of participation and support for the current regime, the government has nominated 5 candidates (all with close ties to the regime) and rescheduled elections for December 12th.

Since the election goes against everything the Algerian people are protesting for, it is essentially a slap in the face from the government and there is no telling what the outcome will be, some have even threatened violence and civil disobedience which could tragically lead to a civil war.

The Christians in Algeria are all asking for the global Body of Christ to join in solidarity of prayer, asking God to direct the outcome according to His will and for His glory! Please join us in standing in the gap for this nation as we approach this critical juncture!

Please join us in praying for:

  • God’s will and justice to be done in the elections.
  • God to use the current situation to bring revival into this broken nation and glory to His name.
  • Unity among the churches to shine the Light of the Gospel.
  • The fear of the Lord to penetrate the hearts of the nation and bring humility among all.