THANK YOU for your PRAYERS and HEART for the people of COLOMBIA!  Our team just returned from that beautiful country in South America that has been ravaged by violence for years, yet we were encouraged to see firsthand, God’s light shining brightly and bringing hope to wounded hearts and lives.  We were honored to participate in three premiere presentations of the full length featured film, La Montana. (Based on the true story of Russell Stendal). We witnessed thousands being impacted by the message of the movie! The people in a remote village (previously controlled by the Guerillas) were touched by the movie and hungry for the Bibles. This presentation was the first evangelical outreach in their history.Another premiere was shown at a Colombian army base with over 500 soldiers who all received Bibles after the movie. One soldier shared with us that he was so touched by the movie that he called his girlfriend immediately and told her how God touched his heart. He said to her, “Please do not abort our baby, God has given me hope that we can make it work.” (They both had previously decided that an abortion was their best plan.) In another showing, we were given permission to enter a maximum security prison. Arch enemy inmates of Guerrillas and Paramilitary were allowed to watch the film together. All the inmates applauded at the end and received Bibles.

The warden asked the team to come back the next two days and share several more presentations to the rest of the 2,400 inmate population. I can go on and on with more stories of how the Colombian Christians are risking their lives in many hostile areas when presenting these nightly premieres. Right now they are booked daily all over Colombia with requests for premiere showings!

I am convinced that we are entering a window of opportunity in South America like never before. God is opening up the hearts of Guerrillas, Paramilitary and Government Officials. For decades the blood of the martyrs has seeded the soil of Colombia. Could today be the beginning of a new harvest of souls in South America? I have a growing faith to answer that question as “YES!” Russell and I have prayed and discussed this opportunity together. God has given us a vision to increase this outreach by tenfold. We are trusting God to provide ten (10) sets of sound systems, projectors, vehicles and ministry personnel. This project includes over one million Bibles and Christian materials. The total expense for all this is 3.5 million dollars. Yes, impossible for us, but very possible for God. We have itemized the expenses of this project into a profile and we will share the La Montana Project Profile with you upon request.

La Montana is currently on the International Film Festival circuit around the world.  However, if you would like a copy to show as a premiere in your community, we would be glad to set you up with instructions and materials! (Please contact the SOM/USA office:  928.634.1419.)




We count it a privilege to serve the people of Colombia with you. Your prayers are invaluable to the Stendal family and our friends in Colombia.

To view a trailer of La Montana click here or find out more information click here.


Together Serving,

David Witt

Spirit of Martyrdom, CEO