This month we are asking you to join us in a concerted prayer for the Muslim world and the living martyrs of Jesus Christ that God has drawn out of Islam. These believers meet secretly throughout the Islamic countries and continue to share their faith at great risk.


 During my last trip to North Africa, I was able to visit with many Muslim background believers in Jesus Christ. All of them reported that they had a dream or a vision as part of the process of coming to faith. God has called us to pray for Muslims to encounter Christ. Even more we are commanded to pray for the household of faith. Today this includes Muslim background believers worshiping Jesus in the underground churches throughout the Islamic world. Our witness of Christ is strengthened as we support our brothers and sisters in Christ in the Muslim world.

  August 11th – September 9th 2010 are the dates for  Ramadan.

For thirty days Muslims do not eat or drink during daylight hours. They read the whole Qur’an and become quite religious in everything they do. This is also a season of great persecution against Christians. Your prayers overrule the prince of darkness! You can go to the web-site to purchase your prayer guide.