A Minnesota Mom – Volume 2 – A Vision Is Formed

Written by Patricia Carlson Stendal

This is the story of a 1960 Minnesota mother who struggles to keep up with three small children and housework. Barely able to cope, even with all the modern American conveniences, she panics when her husband begins to talk about volunteering to go to a primitive mission field.

Volume 2: A Vision Is Formed

Tells the story of a timid little girl growing up in a strict, Christian family in the ’30’s, how she struggles with fears and phobias through WWII and the ’40’s and finally becomes a Minneapolis elementary teacher a Minnesota mother of some unusual children. Tells how in answer to their little son’s prayers and the Lord’s grace working in their lives, she and her civil engineer husband, together with their three small children overcome obstacles and present themselves to be trained for foreign missionary service among primitive people.