God’s Global Grace Movement by David Witt

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God’s Global Grace Movement: Hope Rising From An Awakening In India

“David Witt lays out this uncompromised mission of the Church. The methods are practical, effective, and applicable in any nation – Using real-life testimonies…This volume of anointed wisdom is a MUST-READ for every believer in every nation!”

Dr. Frank Parrish (President of World Map)


God’s Global Grace Movement is the story of how the vision of starting 100,000 churches in unreached villages is transforming the spiritual landscape of India and now expanding to other restricted regions of the world. Meet the leaders who spearheaded the movement and hear their powerful stories–including an array of testimonies, which represent hundreds of thousands of transformed lives.

David Witt, founder of Spirit of Martyrdom International, has visited persecuted leaders in over 50 nations. He is extremely effective in multiplying key leaders in harsh and restricted areas.



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