High Adventure in Colombia

This book could change your life; and if enough people read it and take it to heart it could change the world.

What would cause a serious minded civil engineer, a graduate from the University of Minnesota; to give up his successful career, sell all of his possessions and move his family with three small children to a primitive (almost Stone Age) tribe of indigenous people?

In 1964, Chad Stendal took this leap of faith which landed him in the high mountains of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in the country of Colombia, South America. He was not there to change their culture; instead he offered them real physical assistance in the form of medical and practical concern for their wellbeing, which ushered in what they themselves would later call “The Golden Years”.

The miraculous power in which the Stendal’s operated is based on what Chad describes as a return to the true Gospel of the Kingdom which was preached by the Lord Himself.


(395 pages)