Jubilee Bible 2000 (JUB) (Leather)

Jubilee Bible 2000 (JUB) (Leather)

Jubilee Bible 2000 (JUB) (Leather)

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Jubilee Bible 2000 (Imitation Leather)

The Jubilee Bible is inspired by the early Reformation Bibles. This modern translation focus’ upon the usage and context that define each key word. Russell Stendal edited each word to be consistently translated according to the main or first usage of each Hebrew or Greek word. “Instead of revising “forward” towards modernism and employing modern scholarship. textual criticism, and the like; it has been our intention to revise “back” and return as close as possible to the roots of the pure message and pure language.” The JUB is edited in the Reformation tradition of creating a pattern of consistent word usage. Careful attention was made to properly translate the first usage of each key word consistently across both testaments. It was designed so you don’t need to depend on theological dictionaries or reference materials. You will discover God’s consistent theme as you read the primary word usage across Old and New Testaments, and within specific books and chapters.

The Jubilee Bible is currently the only translation that matches an unique Hebrew word with an unique English word. An amazing pattern emerges as each word makes its way across both the Old Testament and New Testament. First, this pattern illustrates the divine hand of God across the writing and gathering of his written word.  Second, this pattern gives a complete definition and understanding of what God means by each word.  God’s Bible will come alive as you see the consistent and continuous usage of each word across the entire Bible. “Even if we were to all learn Hebrew to perfection and could obtain a flawless manuscript of the original text, there would still be  a humanly insurmountable language barrier between us and the Truth that can only be bridged by the Spirit of God.”

Russell Stendal spent 10 years translating the Jubilee Bible based on the early Bibles of the Reformation.

Includes Extensive Bible Dictionary and Concordance in the Back

(1078 pages)


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