Pilgrim’s Progress

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Pilgrim’s Progress is an allegory about how to walk as a Christian. The entire book is presented as a dream sequence. Evil accompanies Christian, disguised as someone who would help him on his journey to the Celestial City. He will meet characters such as Pliable, who turns back at the Slough of Despond; and Ignorance, who believes he’s a true follower of Christ when he only trusts in himself. Each character is an allegory which are profoundly accurate.  Christian will travel through the lands; Slough of Despond, the Wicket Gate, House of the Palace Beautiful, and the Celestial City.  When the pilgrims end up in the Land of Beulah, they cross over the River of Death.  Their depiction represents what we see around us and what we see in ourselves. While Christian is injured and nearly killed, he eventually prevails to the end.  So can you.

The best part of Pilgrim’s Progress is that the Bible verses are added to the text. The original Pilgrim’s Progress editions listed the Bible verse references. However, the verses written out within the story impact the reader when read inside the scenes in this allegory. The text is tweaked just enough, for the young and the old, to make it readable today. Youngsters in particular will be drawn to the original illustrations.  The words and imagery create a word story that create wise examples that young readers can understand and integrate into their personal and spiritual lives. This beloved example of Christian literature will be essential to the readers life as proven from its continuous publication over the past 300 years.

(368 pages)


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