The Book of Daniel Commentary

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The Book of Daniel – Until the Time of Fulfillment

The Book of Daniel is a study and commentary about the many images, themes, and prophecies central to God’s Word. God explains to us that many devastating events will come to pass. God also warns us that they will not be changed before the end of the world. The study also examines Daniel as a model of the Christian life. Inside the Book of Daniel, each verse and sentence is dissected to unveil great prophecies.  Consideration will be examined to determine which are coming to fruition today and relevant to our current generation.

The Book of Daniel is studied in-depth in this commentary. The author defines words and phrases typically ignored.  He also expounds on the prophetic times and seasons. These prophecies are clear and indisputable. As the author points out, Christ intended that we should know the times and seasons so we can watch for His return. The Book of Daniel has so much to teach the believer and is a beacon of hope and readiness, the hope that God will make all things right and the readiness that His plans are unfolding even as we are living and even as Daniel lived.

The Book of Daniel is produced from a series of messages by Russell Martin Stendal, while in Colombia, South America. The book was originally written in Spanish. This book was later translated into English to encourage Christians in the western world.


(414 pages)


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