Uncommon Character – A Storyteller Anthology

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Uncommon Character

Uncommon Character is an inspiring book filled with unforgettable people. It is an anthology about people who changed their world in remarkable ways. Each story seeks to reveal an uncommon character that was tested by challenging circumstances and difficult choices. Specifically, these are stories of individuals who were drawn into pivotal situations within their respective cultures and times. The stories are about people morally tested while facing physical travails.

“I found an unattributed quote that encapsulated the noted responses as, “If you give a man a fact, he will learn; if you give him a truth, he will believe; if you give him a story, it will live in his heart forever.” I found that “people of all ages love true stories… that have the power to guide and motivate. The primary purpose is to let our attention linger on those people, while caught up in those situations, still refused to comply with popular and profitable wickedness.  Instead, they retained a hold on truth and goodness, thereby acting as a light in the darkness that continues to illuminate the right choices for generations to come.”

These are unique tales told with zest and are easy to read. You will find that many of these lives are both ordinary and complicated. Some of these people you might know, while others are new friends. You will be introduced to both living people and historical personalities. However, each story centers upon that individual’s character. The reader will find that every life committed to building strong internal character can make an impact in the world around them. Readers will depart with an abiding conviction about the difference one committed life will make. No matter our past or where we find ourselves today, these inspiring lives will inspire us to finish well.

(315 pages)


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