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There’s still time! Register for our first-ever Global Virtual Experience – and it’s free!

On July 31 & August 1, men all across the globe will gather via livestream in their homes, with their men’s groups, and at simulcast locations hosted by churches, to experience the Promise Keepers 2020 Global Digital Experience.

This 2-day event will feature everything that men have come to know and expect from a Promise Keepers event – an authentic, Christ-centered experience with amazing keynote speakers, worship artists, and special guests – all selected to offer a timely message of hope, unity, and transformation directly to the heart of men.  You won’t want to miss this virtual experience and the opportunity to be refreshed, to be inspired, and to re-ignite your passion for God!

Just some of the messages you’ll hear: 

  • “A History of Great Awakenings and Moves of God – Are we in an awakening today?”
  • “Discovering Your Calling” (Ken Coleman of the Ken Coleman Show)
  • “The Christ-Like Role of Husbands and Fathers”
  • “Redemption and Restoration in Marriage”
  • “Called to Be Missionaries in the Business Marketplace”
  • Interviews and Testimonies from: Reggie Dabbs, Charles Haley (NFL Hall of Famer), and Edgar Sandoval (President of World Vision US)
  • Engaging roundtable discussion
. . .and so much more!

By registering, you will receive access to special bonus material available only through the Promise Keepers email list and App!

Grab your brothers, your neighbors, your fathers, your sons, and join with men from all around the world for a powerful time at the Promise Keepers 2020 Global Digital Experience.

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Virtual Live-Streaming Event

July 31 – August 1, 2020

Promise Keepers is back! SOM International is partnering with PK to mobilize 80,000 men across the USA. SOM International is inviting men to travel as a group from Arizona to the stadium event in Texas. Discounted tickets, travel packages, and tailgate options are available below.

For more event details visit the PK website:

Promise Keepers 2021 Conference

July 16-17, 2021


Cost: $380 for Double Occupancy – $417 for Single Occupancy

Arizona Travel Package Includes:

  • 25% Discount PK Event Ticket
  • Airline Ticket From Phoenix, Arizona: Group Block Seating
  • Transportation: Entirety of Trip
  • Stadium Tailgate Party: Texas Bodacious Bar-B-Q
  • Travelodge Hotel: Double Occupancy – Double Beds
  • Event T-shirt & Hat
Purchase Travel Package


25% Discount Ticket Price: $93.00



Cost: $133

PK Ticket and Tailgate Party package includes:

  • 25% Discount PK Event Ticket
  • Stadium Tailgate Party: Texas Bodacious Bar-B-Q
  • Event T-shirt & Hat
  • SOM Group Seating

Frequently Asked Question:

How does partnering with Promise Keepers serve our persecuted family?

The PK movement is a unique catalyst to engage men into serving the worldwide Church. The Great Commission is their “7th Promise” of obedience to God and influencing the world around them. Promise Keepers encourages men to mature in godliness. It’s a win for both of us. SOM International will be offering global updates for PK to share with men across the United States. PK will also advertise SOM Global Ambassadors & Witness Development Workshops.