Another Way to Support and Partner with SOM International is Through Non-Cash Gifts

As we work with our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world, we encounter many worthy and urgent needs. We have come to know that people want to give, but they do not always have cash to do so. An effective alternative is to recycle your materials and use them for building God’s Kingdom.

We are able to receive non-cash gifts such as computers, cell phones, recorders, cameras, office supplies, electronics of any kind, as well as big items to sell for the ministry such as vehicles, boats, real estate — and nearly anything else of this nature that you can think of. Your partnership through any of these means helps us to meet the needs of these brothers and sisters.

We thank you for your support, prayers and giving toward the work that the Lord is doing around the world!

We will give you a tax deductible Gift-in-Kind receipt for your donations.

If you would like to donate stocks or bonds, Required Minimum Distributions, we have a Certified Financial Planner that would be happy to assist you.

Please fill out the form below to describe what you would like to give and your contact information.

    Thank you on behalf of the Spirit of Martyrdom Family!