SOM Latin America
By Russell Stendal

The Paez Indian village got hit yesterday evening with a major hail storm (the hail was between the size of marbles and golf balls). Virtually all their crops and gardens were wiped out. This was their food. Serious damage to many of the buildings and most of the trees. The new greenhouses miraculously survived. However, the greenhouse at the old site was completely destroyed along with the tomato crop inside. All of the plastic or fiber sheets of roofing were destroyed. Most of the tin roofing remains with severe dents and even some of that failed. At least seven homes with no roof, plus major damage to the church, school and warehouse. The generator shed was completely wiped out. All the people are fine and were able to take shelter.

 Virtually All Their Crops and Gardens Were Wiped Out


The neighbors on all sides were hit even harder. The witches’ place next door was almost completely destroyed as were all her crops and most of her trees. She has been in tears all day (pray for her). The cement asbestos roofing at her place and others were broken into little pieces by the hail and completely destroyed.

I sent Marina over there today with one million pesos that I had in cash (about U.S. $500) and this will help with emergency food, but it is only a drop in the bucket compared with the magnitude of the losses.

The Witches’ Place Next Door Was Almost
Completely Destroyed


Pray for the Paez

This is a village of Indians that have been severely persecuted and thrown out of the tribal lands. We found them living in a nasty refugee camp in dire conditions, we helped build fifty homes, a church, a school and a warehouse to store evangelistic materials.

This is also the place where we are scheduled to have a three day conference July 18 to 20. Fifteen thousand Indians have been invited and they have been working hard to get ready for this event when the hail storm hit.

They are very industrious and are hard at work repairing as much of the damage as they can. What they need now is roofing materials and some food to get them by until they can replant their gardens. Most of the buildings suffered damage. Some were completely destroyed.

The property was sold to them by a lady who lives next door that we later found out was heavily involved in witchcraft. Her place was thoroughly destroyed (much more so than the Paez village) many neighbors also lost everything. The places that had expensive cement asbestos roofing were completely shattered by the large golf ball sized hail.

I told the Paez yesterday, that the Bible says that in the end times God is going to send a word, a message that will hit like hail and bring down the refuge of lies being preach by many false teachers. I said that you now know what hail is like, you will be able to fearlessly preach whatever God puts on your hearts. They expressed a witness of the Holy Spirit from this message.

The other very interesting thing is they are now able to show kindness to the lady next door (who was in tears all day). She had been very antagonistic when she sold them the land. In the midst of her confusion, as she was trying to take advantage of the poor Indians, she got mixed up on the price and sold it to them for half of what it was really worth. Then she did not want to let them take possession. The Lord intervened and she had to let them onto the property this past Halloween (also in the midst of a tremendous storm). Now it looks like this lady (steeped in the occult) may be about ready to renounce all of it and turn to the Lord.

Obviously things are riled up in the spiritual realm and we are looking forward to an excellent set of meetings in July.

Any help for this situation would be greatly appreciated.

Roofing Materials and Food Are Needed Until the Paez Can Replant Their Gardens


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