Elijah & Elisha – The Mantle for God’s People

Russell has visited our churches and mixed with our people and has been found to be caring, kind, selfless and of a tender heart toward all of those believers and unbelievers with whom he comes in contact. He is well respected in our midst for his honesty in word and deed also for the Godly character he demonstrates. Russell lives the life of the God he believes in and does so with sincerity and love, and has the heart of a father who cares for God’s children.

– Isabel D. Still


About the Book

The kings of Israel and Judah were in serious trouble with the Lord. Twelve years of worshiping Baal and golden calves, listening to Jezebel, and killing the prophets was catching up to them. Their earthly kingdoms were coming to an end, and the Lord would move quickly when he moved. What appeared to be harmless details to them was in fact rebellion in the sight of God.

While the kings served the gods of this world, Elijah and Elisha did not. They were dedicated only to the Word of the Lord, and if the Lord didn’t speak directly to them, they didn’t move at all. And when they did move, it was with the authority of the Lord, resulting in dramatic calling down of fire from heaven, a three-year drought, people raised from the dead, and many other miraculous events. But did Elijah and Elisha take any glory? No, Elijah didn’t even accept Naaman’s token of appreciation – so completely was he relying only on the Lord’s provision.

The lives of Elijah and Elisha, as well as the corrupt lives of the kings, serve as important lessons for us today. In addition, there are many prophecies in 1 and 2 Kings that are now being fulfilled. Your own life will be changed forever if you apply even one truth that the Lord reveals to you in this book.


(223 pages)