Fearless Love In the Midst of Terror Audio Book

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FEARLESS LOVE In the Midst of Terror: Audio Book

by David Witt

Fearless Love In the Midst of Terror Audio is a devotional that provides tools to overcome ideological terrorism with transformation. As a result, those who are curious about the basic teachings of Islam will find it essential.  You will see how God gives a profound faith that overcomes the fear of suffering and death. You will learn that God gives you faith to share Jesus inside your life.  It presents methods about how to reach out to Muslims in clear and practical terms.  Above all, Fearless Love reveals how a relationship with Jesus Christ brings us to a growing love for others without fear.  Jesus will replace any and all fear with Love. The fifty true stories of courageous Christians and illustrations will bring encouragement, inspiration, and hope in these precarious days. The Biblical teaching of martyrdom is clearly a call to purposeful living and a bold witness of faith.

Fearless Love is formatted to be an eight week devotional study that works well in small groups, Sunday schools, or as a personal study. It concludes seventeen practical suggestions in how to share God’s love with others. Rediscovering Jesus’ Spirit of Martyrdom is certain to demonstrate the profound power of Christian Love.  You will find that your fearless love can be found in your daily life with Jesus.

Fearless Love Audio is produced with music and special effects. (5 hour duration)

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