Audio Book on CD: FEARLESS LOVE In the Midst of Terror

Fearless Love is produced with music and special effects. It is recorded for those curious about the basic teachings of Islam, how God gives faith that overcomes the fear of suffering and death, how to reach out to Muslims, and how a relationship with Jesus Christ brings us to a growing fearless love. The fifty dramatic stories of courageous Christians will bring encouragement, inspiration, and hope. (5 hour duration)


Dr. Mujahid El Masih lived in Pakistan until 1997. While growing up, he studied Islam for more than 14 years in Pakistani schools and universities. He trained as an officer in the military. Through Qur’anic teachings, he was taught to hate Israel, Christians, and all non-Muslims. He was very passionate to be a martyr for his country and religion until he came to know that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. His faith in Christ released him from hate and gave him power to love.

David Witt
Founder and CEO of Spirit of Martyrdom International, an international speaker and author and has traveled to over 52 nations.

Bill Witt, the narrator of this audio book, is the father of David and a retired pastor of forty years. In this audio book he shares his talents of narration.