La Montana DVD

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La Montana DVD

La Montana DVD is the true story of God’s presence in the simple story of human life.  In the ongoing violent civil war, the Colombian paramilitary forces cornered the Marxist rebels. High up against a high mountain ridge. Without food.  The desperate rebels decide to call an old friend, Russell Stendal.  He is a Christian missionary the rebels kidnapped and released some 20 years ago.  The Marxists ask Russell for the cell number of a humanitarian priest. They hope priest might bring them some food. The missionary mistakes the requested priests’ name for the name of the local paramilitary leader.  Russell inadvertently gives each commander the wrong number.  Through humorous confusion and danger, the two sworn enemies end up face to face.

The unexpected and emotional encounter unveils the very core of the Colombian conflict.  Each man and side must take the journey to apply God’s principle of peace in a lifetime of war.

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