Rescue the Captors 2 by Russell Stendal

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Rescue the Captors 2

Rescue the Captors 2 continues the story of Russell Stendal’s ministry to the guerrillas who kidnapped him in 1983. Russell, however, knew that God wanted him to witness to his captors.  He, therefore, began reaching out to the jungle guerrillas using airplane drops and free Christian books.  Russell eventually found his former captors and shared with them God’s love and forgiveness. One day, his former captors, now regional commanders, reached out for help. “Dr. Fernando Torres, went with me and we looked after a young guerrilla named Christian.  He had been shot in the abdomen.  The guerrilla commanders wanted to know how much they owed us for treating Christian.  Fernando told them, “I have a son about the age of Christian.  When I look at him, he reminds me of my son.  I could never charge my son.” We left the three tough guerrilla commanders blinking back tears. At this time, I asked Noel, ‘Is it God, or isn’t it God?’  Noel said, ‘Martin, all this has got to be God.” The converted guerrillas now replace the Christian missionaries and workers they forced to leave.   God is doing remarkable things in Columbia a place most people had long considered a lost cause.  Read about how God not only ransomed the guerrilla captors but rescued a people and nation lost in violence. It is a story of love replacing evil.

(255 pages)

Rescue the Captors

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