Ruth: A Prophetic Story of Faith, Grace, and Redemption

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Ruth: A Prophetic Story of Faith, Grace, and Redemption

The book of Ruth details events that happened in the history of Israel. It is also a living parable with great spiritual and prophetic significance. This is the love story of Ruth, symbolic of the bride of Christ, and Boaz, the kinsman redeemer, who is symbolic of Jesus Christ. Ruth is the third gentile woman (after Tamar and Rahab), to be incorporated into the bloodline of Jesus Christ. She is the great grandmother of King David. Boaz is the eleventh descendant of the line of Abraham.

What a wonderful and delightful time in the history of Bethlehem and the people of God. The events from the life of Ruth will lead to the advent of Jesus Christ. He is both the prophesied seed of Abraham and son of David. The genealogies listed in scripture will all culminate at the birth of Christ. Jesus’ birth and sacrifice will allow us, like Ruth, to be included by faith and grace as part of the redeemed body of Christ.


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