The Correction Factor: Zechariah: A Key to Unlock the Book of Revelation

The prophecy of Zechariah contains startling lessons for today and reveals the need for a “correction factor” to rectify virtually every endeavor of man since the Garden of Eden.

In The Correction Factor, Russell Stendal describes how the Great Pyramid of Giza holds prophetic secrets, detailed numerology, and insights into end times. It has been called the Bible in stone. However, a mistake was made on one of the corners, and the key passageways (which are really time lines) throughout the pyramid were offset by a numerical factor. The huge capstone that should have gone on the pinnacle was discarded because it would not fit. This important detail (Jesus is the stone that the builders rejected) ties in with many clues from the book of Zechariah to show how the Lord will rectify the damage done by man, using a correction factor, which in the Bible is numerically 42.

Zechariah is a prophetic hub that ties to and explains many otherwise elusive Bible passages in Revelation and elsewhere. This is a detailed study of the book and related passages, and as it unfolds, you’ll discover how Zechariah’s prophecy and numerology relate to the church and to the world today. You will discover the reality of the correction factor that the endeavors of man in the world and in the church lack. The devil is attempting to derail our focus with financial needs, terrorism, immorality, and corruption, but this will not last forever. What God desires is for every man, woman, and child of God to separate themselves from corruption and religiosity so they may be cleansed and moved by the only one who is Worthy. This is the correction factor.