The Mystery of the Will of God

The Mystery of the Will of God

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The Mystery of the Will of God

Have you ever been hated? While many Christians know only freedom and safety, others do not. Your freedom isn’t guaranteed. In fact, Matthew 10:22 says we will be hated because of Christ. Do you have what it takes to be hated and still follow the Lord’s commandment to love your enemies? The Lord will soon return for a bride without spot or wrinkle or any such thing. To be that bride, our flesh must be submitted to the Lord’s chastening, which may come through the hands of men.

The author knows about persecution. Russell was kidnapped five times by Marxist guerrillas, twice by right-wing paramilitary death squads, and put in jail once by the government. He lives in constant danger even today. He also, lives to share the gospel with those who hate him. Learn from him how to fully embrace the Lord’s will, even though you or your family may be persecuted. Learn how to triumph, though outwardly you will be ridiculed, beaten, and even killed for standing for the Lord.


(145 pages)


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