The Philosophy of King Solomon

The Philosophy of King Solomon

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The Philosophy of King Solomon

Vanity of Vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity
(Ecclesiastes 1:2)

What if we have it wrong? What if happiness is not found in having a better paying job, a spouse and three children, knowing the right people, or even going to church?

How can we find the secret of successful living? After getting more gold, wives, fine houses, and wisdom than any other man on earth, King Solomon discovered the secret. The book of Ecclesiastes is not a book of lament about himself, it is a message for the people. King Solomon wants to leave us with his final conclusions. Let him show you how to store up treasures in heaven, treasures that surpass even those who gathered all things under the sun. 

The Philosophy of King Solomon explores Solomon’s wisdom, the folly of man’s ways, and the still-unfolding prophecy found in the rich book of Ecclesiastes.


(147 pages)


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