Witness Development Evangelism Workbook

The Witness Development Evangelism Workbook equips Christians to be witnesses for Christ in a natural conversational style. You will learn how to share biblical truths in an enjoyable and engaging manner. Jesus used stories and questions to help people self-discover truths and this training closely replicates his style of evangelism.

This workbook provides background, how-to’s, and exercises to help you become an expert of biblical conversational evangelism. Your confidence in sharing God’s Word with others will be substantially higher as a result of completing this training. When you schedule a Witness Development Evangelism Workshop at your church, you and fellow participants will receive the tools you need to impact your community for Christ.

Key things you will learn:

  • How to introduce yourself and open doors of communication
  • How to share biblical stories that hold attention and stick.
  • How to lead the person to Christ and follow through with discipling.
  • How to ask questions that expose prior misconceptions and help people self-discover truth.

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(143 pages)