December 03, 2019

This past weekend, a huge national strike was broadcasted to begin on December 4th bringing protests and violent acts to destabilize the country until December 10th. Yesterday morning we received information from our Christian native friends in Cauca. The radical native Paez Indians, who have persecuted the Christian Paez for many years, called a delegation from Cauca and Huila to join thousands of other radical native followers at the strike in Bogota. Their legal and corrupt institution called “CRIC” is coming to Bogota by the thousands with an arrogant purpose of asking the president to resign. President Duque is asking for prayer himself.

Please Join Us in Prayer:
– Pray against the coming national strike.
– Pray against the motives of the CRIC.
– Pray for those following these acts knowingly or deceptively to see the truth.
– Pray for wisdom and strength for the president, army and police of Bogota and all of Colombia.

These events will have international repercussions. Please join us in prayer.

during this difficult time and joining us in a concerted PRAYER at 4:00 PM (US Eastern Standard Time) each day until the end of the year.