Fearless Hope in the Muslim World

Hope comes to every soul who is born of the spirit of God through Jesus Christ.  Muslims are experiencing a new hope across the world by finding faith in the Son of God.   “Muslim” means slave or obedience to Islam.  Muslims are obedient to Islam out of fear of Allah.  Fear is the spirit that perpetuates Islam.  According to the Qur’an the weapon of Allah is to inflict “terror” upon the infidels. (Surah 3:151)  Islam teaches that a Muslim cannot have assurance that they are going to heaven, so all Muslims fear judgment day before Allah.  When Muslims become a new creation through Jesus Christ the old spirit of fear is replaced with a new spirit of HOPE.

“If the spirit of fear was removed from the Islamic world today half of the Muslims worldwide would become a Christian.” shares Mujahid El Masih, a Muslim background believer from Pakistan.  An American worker to the Muslim world shares that former Muslims testify they enjoy the colors and smell of flowers for the first time after being born again.  This report may sound random, but a divine hope gives a new perspective on life, even the enjoyment of flowers.

Romans 8:24  “For in this hope we were saved. Now hope that is seen is not hope. For who hopes for what he sees?”

What exactly is the hope that Muslim background believers are finding?  These new believers share their answer with me all the time. In essence they testify that it is the love of God demonstrated by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of their sins.  Like a woman waking from a coma is the Muslim who comes to faith in Christ.  Their world is changed.  The hope they hold is too great to hide.  It must be shared with others.  These believers begin witnessing their faith to other Muslims.  They experience rejection, torture, imprisonment and all sorts of persecutions but the hope they have is greater than their suffering.  They are truly martyrs of love with a growing fearless hope.

Abraham is a Christian I meet in Egypt.  He had little hope because peace with God had evaded him.  He was desperately seeking God reading the Bible and the Qur’an.  Both books conflict with each other on the nature of Jesus.  In his testimony he shares, “All these thoughts bombarded my mind and fought in my heart.  I was afraid of God’s wrath that came upon infidels.  Whenever I knelt down for prayers, I cried from the bottom of my heart, Oh, God, show me the truth.  If Mohammed is right, I will follow Him until I die.  If Christ is right, I will follow Him until I die. I would give my whole life to you and serve You at whatever the cost may be.  I kept repeating this prayer until Christ came to me in a vision.  He said to me in His kind voice, I love you.”

“…I was so happy, dancing like a small child and praising God.  Being a fair judge, God sentenced His Son to die in our place so we don’t have to spend eternity in hell.” Into the Den of Infidels, with permission from The Voice of the Martyrs.  Abraham has experienced much persecution for his faith.  He is a faithful witness of Christ and continues to share his testimony with others.

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